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Career Thoughts

This is a thought provoking page. Not often do you get to read how one feels about their Military career... the ups and the downs. This page will bring you up to speed at how I deal and feel with the accomplishments, stepping stones and disappointments. For those who don't know me, I love to share my life with others in hopes that it will make some kind of difference in this world!  ~YN2 Martin

5/27/05... It's been over a year since I have written. So much has happened! I am officially YN2 Marta Martin as of today. I got frocked today!! It's such an awesome feeling to get promoted to the next pay grade. To me, it's an accomplishment and another chip towards accomplishing my goals in life.


4/13/04... Alot has happened over the past 4 months. I have accomplished one of my life long goals, and that was to be in a very famous magazine. Well, my USNR ad made it in a full page shot in Ebony Magazine for May 2004. This was one of the greatest dreams in my life. It won't end there though, I still plan on one day making front page of All-Hands or People. I believe that extraordinary people get those types of opportunities and I know I am Extra-Ordinary! It's just a matter of time and one day I'll get there on the cover of a very popular magazine!! As for now, I have an upcoming PFA test, a package out to go recruiting and still awaiting the 2nd NAM that I have been waiting almost a year for. They weren't kidding when they said "Hurry up and wait!" But it is all worth the wait!

12/14/03 YN3 Frocking... Today I got frocked YN3 at the Reserve Center in New Orleans. It felt great! I've worked so hard over the past 2 years, and finally I get the title to go with what I've been practicing all along. I was so proud of myself and to top it off my new husband got to be there. What better way to bring in my new title with another Sailor in which I am to share my proudest moments with. I even got a photo of my husband being the first to tack on my crows--- on my brand new Ike jacket!

11/05/03  Disappointing News...  It's been weeks since I put in my TAR package. I have made many calls to PERS 913 to check on the status of my package. Finally, today, it's put to rest for awhile. My package was disapproved and boy, was I disappointed. Apparently, they had too many YN3's putting in a package and when it came down to it, they just had to choose who they felt was the best for the job. They told me I had a very good package with no disqualifiers, but in my eyes, it just wasn't enough. Which makes me wonder... what on earth do I have to have to have to make a great package? If being chosen for a National Ad Campaign for the Naval Reserve, and creating just isn't enough, how about the time I put in for my ADSW or my unswerving devotion to the Navy? Makes me wonder if I'm just a little too gung ho for the Navy and if I do more positive for the Navy through my website apposed to being on the other side of the counter at a Reserve Center. Makes me think. I think I could have given the Navy one of the best workers out there, one with motivation, honor, courage and commitment. Traits that are definitely hard to find in Junior Enlisted Sailors. Not to mention from someone who just won't give up. So... I plan on just laying low in the Active duty venture and actually thinking about other options... such as... Recruiting? or even just being a Naval Reservist, weekend driller? Nah... I know myself and I am going to get into something or another. Thankfully, I still have my Sea Cadets that I plan on pursuing out here in December, a Reserve Center website to maintain, not to mention building the empire I plan on running and of course I have a wedding to plan for. Good thing is, that now that I'm not going TAR I get to spend the first year of marriage with my soon-to-be hubby! Life is great after all!

10/31/03 I MADE YN3!!!  Just yesterday it was my 2 year anniversary and today I found out I made YN3!! What an awesome feeling that was for me. I've worked so hard this past 2 years in the Naval Reserve, and it was the best feeling in the world to know I did well. To top it off, I made the first increment of getting paid, so I scored pretty high on the exam too! All that work has finally paid off and now I am determined to spend the next year getting ready for the YN2 exam I'll be taking in August or September of 2004!

10/5/03 PFA Test.....
Yeah!!! I passed. But now I need to set some goals. I did ok, 64 sit-ups, 40 push ups, 15:11 on the run. But I know I can do better. The next PFA I'm going to set out to do 70 sit-ups, 40 push ups and 14 minutes on the run. I actually exceeded my push ups and sit-ups from the last PRT a year ago, but I can do better! And for someone who doesn't really enjoy running I'm ok, but definitely have room for improvement!.

Met VADM Totushek,  RADM Cotton, RADM Debbout, RDML McDonald & CAPT Morgan...9/19/03
What an awesome honor and privilege. I can honestly say I felt more pride in meeting these Admirals then I did receiving my very first NAM! I am so thankful for the opportunity I had today. It is one I will cherish for a lifetime!

Meeting Force Master Chief Mobley.... September 17, 2003
What an awesome honor it was to meet the man I've seen in the Naval Reservist for pretty much my entire career. It's times like this that I sit back and know I can accomplish just about anything. I didn't think in a million years I would meet the people that make the Navy what it is today, and this trip to New Orleans have proven that nothings impossible!!

My 2nd YN3 exam.... 21Aug03
Well, I took my exam a few days ago. I feel pretty good about it but I didn't study nearly as much as the last time. I actually started studying about 2 weeks before. I was supposed to study earlier but I just got so darn busy with school and my life. I do feel pretty good about the whole thing, regardless of what the end result will be. I didn't even cram the night before because I figured that it was a little late. But I did use a few tactics such as common sense and I remembered back to the days when I was working in the reserve center's admin office. I don't think I did too bad actually. But we'll find out soon enough!

SN to YNSN.....5/9/03

I will admit, when I first found out I didn't advance, I was severely disappointed and I wanted to cry. I had studied for 3 long months and between my busy life of jobs, kids and websites, I tried my hardest to make it. Well, after about 36 hours of disappointment, I realized something far beyond the actual hype of advancing....

I passed the Exam!! And for it being a closed rate I did well enough to get two Quills on my shoulder!! So beyond the fact that I didn't advance, I am proud to say I made it into the Yeoman Rate!

To me, it's a promotion. No longer am I just "SN". I have a new title, a new goal in life, (study twice as hard and blow the next test out of the water!) and I have a positive new outlook on life! I actually feel like I belong in the Navy now!!

I do want to thank those who helped me get through those tough 36 hours!!

Thank you......

ET1 Craig, USN- Congrats on your advancement to ET1, Thank you for helping me get through this disappointment and see the positives. By the way, the flowers made my week!! You are wonderful!!

YNSN McCall, TAR- for such a young YNSN you got a lot of wisdom! Thank you for the encouraging words, they really made me feel better.

YN3 Randolph, TAR Thank you the phone message, it's great to be a part of the YN clan! I'm glad you haven't forgotten about me. By the way, I miss ya!

Chief Thelen, USNR, You made me feel like a million bucks! Thanks for taking your time and explaining the whole designate/advancement process in a way I could understand.

SKCS Cline, USNR - You are my ultimate role model, you inspire me to work even harder for what I want in my life. Thanks for believing in me.

Thank you to all those who wrote in with encouragement and positive feedback. It is  great to be surrounded by so many people who care even if they're thousands of miles away!

If it wasn't for all the positive people in my life I would just be Marta Dodd. Instead, I am YNSN Marta Dodd A.K.A. "NavyGirl." Sometimes a title can change a lot about a person, but if they don't have it deep within, no title will measure up. I'm so happy that with God's Grace and all the wonderful people who keep coming into my life, I can strive to be the best that I can be.

Until the next time.... YNSN Dodd



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