Vietnam 1973

Adopted name: Marta Tuyet Dodd

Married Names: Smith, Turner & Martin

Name at birth: NGUYEN THI THU CUC

Place of birth: Khanh Hung (Ba Xuyen)

Mother's name: NGUYEN THI BONG

Father's name:
Unknown but most likely an American Soldier (black) who "got together"  with my mother sometime in June of 1972 somewhere in Vietnam.

I am looking for any birth family, or anyone closely related; I'm even looking for one of the nurses who may remember me. My first name was given to me by one of the Sisters that took care of me in the orphanage. My parents originally planned on calling me Megan Tuyet Dodd. I've grown to love the name Marta, although I spent the first 27 years with the nickname of "Marty".

I was born February 15, 1973 in Vietnam. Left at an orphanage and taken care of by Sisters. Possibly even Rosemary Taylor.

Here is the little straw bird that I came over with. To this day I still have it.

Some of the only information that I have concerning my adoption. Born in Saigon.

Adoption Agency:  Friends For All Children (no longer in existence)
                                 445 South 68th Street
                                 Boulder, Colorado 80303

Copies of my Birth Certificate & Passport, including my passport photo.

One interesting fact... The first document is my original birth Certificate...
It was signed by a LT O.C. Hognander Jr. of the USNR!!! What a coincidence!!!

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