Naval Reserve Customer Service Numbers 

Last Updated Monday, 18 August 2014

Taken straight off the Selected Reserve Guidebook, "The Gouge"   Click here for the most recent copy of "The Gouge"
(2004 Navigator CD &  found off of, log-in under private side, CNRF home, What's New, Customer Service)

Naval Reserve Customer Service Numbers

         Travel     Emergency Travel                                              1-877-583-8671

         SATO      After-hours Emergency Service Center          1-800-359-9999

         Orders    NROWS Customer Support Center                 (504) 697-7070 or
                                                                                                    DSN 647-

                            NSIPS Help Desk                                              (504) 697-5110

         BUPERS Mobilization Response Cell                         1-800-346-0217

         Chaplain Support                                                             1-800-245-4546

         Pay           Pay Problems                                                    1-877-4RESPAY

         NRPC      Mobilization/Force Call Center                        1-800-535-2699
                       Personnel Services and Records                   1-866-250-4778

         BUPERS Online Help Desk                                            (901) 874-4717 or
                                                                                                     DSN 882-4717

         Medical    TRICARE Dental Plan                                       1-888-622-2256

                              TRICARE Information Center                           1-888-363-2273


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