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Taken straight off the Selected Reserve Guidebook, "The Gouge"   Click here for the most recent copy of "The Gouge"
(2004 Navigator CD &  found off of, log-in under private side, CNRF home, What's New, Customer Service)


         Mobilization Process: Upon recall SELRES report to their NRAs for activation processing. The NRA establishes a personnel recall file for each Reservist being activated. These files contain recall orders, activation checklists, transportation arrangements, delay and exemption board results, and other information. Following completion of the checklist, the NRA prepares the Personnel Transfer Report. Upon completion of the NRA Activation Checklist and the Personnel Transfer Report, the unit/Reservist is directed to report to the Naval Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS). A specific date and time to report is provided.

         Reporting: SELRES are required to report within 72 hours of notification, unless assigned to a US Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR) unit. For SELRES assigned to USMCR units, follow USMCR policy for reporting.

         Activation/Mobilization Checklist:

         Re-employment Rights: The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) of 1994 covers Naval Reserve members who are being demobilized. USERRA protects the re-employment rights of Naval Reservists if they leave a permanent civilian occupation whether federal, private, or public. Additional information can be found at



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