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Name:         SK3Jordan
Date:         Friday, 25 February 2005

YN3, your site is awesome!  I am a new reservist, I enlisted through the
advanced pay grade program with no prior service, so I had a lot of
questions.  I have found that in a lot of my online searches I find
sites that are out of date or no longer exist.  My 1st weekend I heard
some people talking about this site so I decided to check it out and I
am glad I did.  Not only is it user friendly but the amount of info here
is unbelievable

Your site has been so helpful, thank you for taking the time to put it
all together, you are an inspiration.

Navy, Active Duty
SK3 Jeffrey Howell
Subject: Wonderful Work!!!
Monday, 21 February 2005

Comments: YN3 Martin,

Just wanted to take the time and applaud you on such a wonderful site. The time and effort that you put into is obvious by the detailed content that is on here. I first came across your site in 2003. It was just a few months before I was deployed to Kuwait on a 10 month activation as a reservist. I have since returned home and have gone full time active duty as part of the Navy's FTS program. I see that many updates have taken place and much more work been put into the site than before. I also see that you have enlisted the help of volunteers to assist. Bravo Zulu to you shipmate! I always wondered how in the world you were able to do so much on your own before? And what made you decide to take on such a hefty task? I know that between family and work and all that it is a tremendous duty for you do. I for one am grateful that you have taken the initiative to do such a great job and I hope that you continue to do so for as long as your schedule, time, and family permits. Thanks shipmate.

SK3 Jeffrey Howell USNR(FTS)

Naval Air Station Atlanta Bound!!!

Active Duty, Navy 
HM3 Troutman, Tommy
Subject: Great Web-site
Date: Thursday, 17 February 2005

Comments: Dear YN3 Marta Martin,

I just wanted to write and tell you that this is a great website and I commend you on all of your accomplishments and goals. You are heading in the right place and I wish you much success in all of your goals in life, be it that it may be small or big. I am striving for some big goals on my own in the Navy and look forward to these next couple of years. I am station in San Diego, Ca. at the Naval School of Health Sciences for Preventive Medicine Tech school. I will be here for 6 months and don't know where I am going after that, but I plan on getting my 3rd degree in Health Sciences online to pursue a commission as an Environmental Health officer. Well, that is enough about me I was just writing to say that this is a great web page and I look forward to hearing from you one day. Take care and MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

HM3 Troutman, Tommy


Navy, Active Duty
Subject: Nice site
Date: Tuesday, 08 February 2005

Comments:  YN3,

Nice Job on this site! I always like to see new members of the Navy taking a real interest in helping their fellow shipmates. Your site is very informative and easy to navigate, which smokes the entire official Navy sites because they are very hard to find anything on. Keep up the great attitude and you will go far in the Navy.

R/ FC1(SW) Cameron

Navy Reserve 
YN2 Stephanie Stegen
Subject:      Your website
Date:         Wednesday, 03 November 2004


I've been a member of the Reserves for nearly 10 years & am very proud to be a part of such a wonderful
community of people.  Active or Reserve, we all have the same ultimate goal: safeguarding our home & trying to
make this a more secure world.

Your website was recommended to me by a co-worker who is brand new to the Reserves, but is probably the most
gung-ho person I've ever met; in fact, he's going to give some of my colleagues a real run for their money! 
When he first told me the name of your website, my first thought was "Yeah right, this is going to be a real
help".  Well, after spending quite a bit of time checking it out, I have to say "Great Job"; this is perhaps
the most comprehensive website devoted to the Navy & all the information needed to be successful.  You are
to be commended for taking the time to gather all this information & present it in such a user-friendly
format.  As the nominal LPO for my Admin department, I'm going to make a point to let the other members of my
unit in on my new favorite Navy website.


Navy, Active Duty  
NCCS(SW/AW)Tod Shuls
Subject:      Good job shipmate
Date:         Monday, 25 October 2004


Shipmate, NCCS Shuls currently deployed with NMCB-7 to Guam. I have 23 years in and have been a Navy 
Counsleor for 14 of those years.  Your website is one of best to help Sailors.  As a matter of fact when I teach 
In-Doc I hand out a list of Navy Career related web sites that I know will help Sailors.  Your website is the 
only non official website on this list. It's that good. It's good because you have kept it simple to navigate 
and your sources are kept current. Keep up the good work.

BZ NCCS(SW/AW) Tod A. Shuls

Navy, Active Duty
PN2 Eric Housden
Subject:      BZ
Date: Friday, 22 October 2004


I just wanted to say that I overheard you telling someone about your website the other day so I decided to 
check it out. You have done an outstanding job. You have shown true dedication and hard work with this site. 
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it looks great and to keep up the good work! Thanks

Date:   Saturday October 16, 2004 

Congratulations on a great site. Yours is now my one-stop shop for Navy links. It is always so cumbersome to
get to the different military sites. Thanks!  CDR U, USNR

Navy, Active Duty
Subject: Thankful
Date: Wednesday, 29 September 2004


Thanks for your dedication, time and efforts. You've got it going on in all aspects, can you dig it???

Navy, Reserve
LT Robert Millington

Subject: Great Website
Date: Tuesday, 28 September 2004


I am the Executive Officer of a unit currently deployed ISO Operation Iraqi Freedom. And I just wanted to let you know that my Chiefs and sailors are very impressed with your site.

Whenever I give a tasking or ask for information I am told its on, or I found it on So today I was searching for something and decided to check out the site.

I must say it is very informative, and chocked full of great information.

Keep up the great work!

Robert C. Millington, LT USNR
Deputy Mission Commander
Naval Security Force DET Fujairah UAE
Executive Officer IBU-25

Active Duty, Navy
YN2(SW) Ken Bradley
Subject:      BZ Shipmate
Date:         Wednesday, 15 September 2004


I really find what you're doing to be a motivation to me.  I'm really into 'Sailorization' myself.  No
matter what command I'm at, I try to make an immediate impact, and I normally end up working real close to the
CMC/SEA.  But what you're doing is on a very large scale.  I always like to start a "Junior Sailor Association"
(JSA) for E-5 and below, and we begin to function as the FCPOA but with juniors.  I'll definitely put this page in my "favs" and keep in contact.  Stay Motivated!

YN2(SW) Ken Bradley
Commander, Joint Force Command Naples, Italy

Active Duty, Navy 
HM2 Mark Harris

Subject:      your website
Date:         Tuesday, 24 August 2004


Hey! I like your website, and I like your positive outlook, about life and the Navy. Don't stop, and never lose your great attitude. V/R HM2 Mark Harris

Active Duty, Navy
MAC(Sel) Mathis
Subject:      Great Website!
Date:         Sunday, 01 August 2004
Hello from Baghdad shipmate,
  While researching information on the web for CPO Initiation I ran across your webpage and I got to say that I'm blown away! All the information I need with all the added extras. It's very refreshing to see dedicated and motivated Sailors like you in the fleet making a difference. Good luck on your future and Bravo Zulu shipmate.
MAC(SW/AW) (Sel) Mathis
Multi National Force - Iraq
Baghdad, Iraq

Active Duty Navy      
Name:         YN1 Okema Starkes
Subject:      Thank you
Date:         Thursday, 22 July 2004
First of all I would like to say thank you for your initiative and perseverance in all that you do for the Navy and Naval Reserve.  I work in the training department at REDCOM Northeast in Newport, RI. I have just received orders to NRAC and I hope that I run across future NPSACers with your drive and determination to the Navy.
YN1 Starkes

Retired  Navy
Webmaster/J. Edwards
Subject:      Golden Anchor Award
Date:         Sunday, 18 July 2004
    The staff of TheDeckPlate.Com salutes you for your service, and your outstanding efforts with  Your website has been selected as a winner of our Golden Anchor Website Award for Patriotic Excellence.
    This award is completely free, and requires no action on your part.  If you choose to post this award on your website, please send me an email, and I will forward you a copy of the award image.  We do ask that you link the award image to  To see a list of award recipients, click on the link marked Golden Anchor.  Please keep up the outstanding work.  You have our thanks, and our respect.
Jeff Edwards
Webmaster - TheDeckPlate.Com

Wednesday, 15 July 2004

 I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that, you are not only appreciated, but respected as well! Thank you for the endless dedication that is required of serving our great nation! John.

Reserve, Navy  
LNC (Sel.) Godfrey
Subject:      BZ to You!
Date:         Friday, 09 July 2004
YN3 Martin,
I just wanted to thank you for your website, which I came across while doing some Navy-related research for Chief's Initiation!
It is so helpful and inspiring.
Thank you so much for making this resource and web community available to us.
Congratulations on your awards!  You should be very proud!
LNC (Sel.) Jennifer Godfrey

Active Duty, Navy
NC1(SW) Michael Gray
Subject:      GREAT WEBSITE
Date:         Wednesday, 30 June 2004
Navy Girl,
  This is an awesome website you have created.  Excellent resource for those who are looking for a one-stop-shop for information.  Wish I had the time to do something like this, but I sure am glad you find the time.
Thank you again.
NC1(SW) Michael Gray
Command Career Counselor
Naval Air Station Lemoore

Active Duty, Navy 
OS1 Dennis Aumack
Subject:      Thank you very much
Date:         Saturday, 19 June 2004
   I am currently stationed in Baghdad, Iraq.  I was looking for a copy of the Sailors Creed, which I found right away and was blown away by the amount of information you have on your website.  I have spent hours and hours some days researching and trying to find things and you have it all right here.  I will be passing this site to all NAVY folk here in Baghdad.  You are truly an asset to our NAVY and hope others will follow in your footsteps with the amount and dedication you have shown here.  Thanks again and please keep up the outstanding work. 
V/R Dennis Aumack

Status:       Active Duty, Navy 
Name:         ATCS(AW) Wylie
Subject:      Praise
Saturday, 19 June 2004
Keep up the great site. You have done a wonderful job.
ATCS(AW) Wylie

Active Duty, Navy 
 PH1(SW) Haywood
Subject:      Kudos
 Saturday, 12 June 2004
YN3: Wow....your website is pretty awesome! I went to Leadership Training and was given your website as a tool and have just used it today. I am very impressed....YOU GO NAVY-GIRL! Keep up the great are very motivating to say the least. Hope to see you in the active duty ranks soon.

Active Duty,   Navy  
YNC(SW) Lievsay
Subject:      Way to look out
Monday, 24 May 2004
Great job Shipmate!  Need more like you!
YNC(SW) Jim Lievsay
NCIS Bremerton, WA

Active Duty Navy   
CTO1(SW/AW) Jackson
Subject:      Keep Charging
Wednesday, 19 May 2004


YN3, I just wanted to say that this is an outstanding website. The fact that you do all this without being asked shows great character and leadership. I am forwarding this url to all my contacts as a resource for information and advice. You are truly doing great things shipmate. Keep charging!

CTO1(SW/AW) Kelvin G. Jackson
USS Boxer (LHD-4)

Navy Reserve 
EQCM Jacobson
Subject:      Bravo Zulu
Saturday, 08 May 2004
Just found your web site while searching for a link to NROWS and wanted to say what a great job you've done.  Your site is a great asset to those who visit.
EQCM(SCW) R. M. Jacobson, C/MC, Commander Naval Engineering Forces - Korea

Active Duty, Navy 
GMCS(SW) Joe Poplask
Tuesday, 27 April 2004
 YN3, I am the "Lone Sailor" stationed at Fort Bliss, TX running the Navy Stinger Missile School. Being a non-admin type trying to track down pubs / instructions / notices / etc.. on an Army base is quite the task. You've literally made my life a lot easier with your one stop shopping. Appreciate the help. Keep charging Shipmate. R/GMCS

Douglas Meierdiercks Site Award
Tuesday, 13 April 2004
Greetings Marta,
Congratulations on being selected as a top Navy site!
Our editors have selected your site as an award winner! recognizes you and your efforts to connect, inform, and honor the military community.  In appreciation, we would like to present you with our Distinguished Navy Site Award.
Earning this award entitles you to display the award on your site until the end of 2004.  Each medal has its own special HTML code, which can easily be placed on your site.
Again, congratulations on a great Navy site!
Very Respectfully,
The Team
More info on this award

Navy Reserve 
YN3 Kristen Lord
Friday, 19 March 2004
Hello Navy Girl,
This website is not only informative but outstanding! Way to represent the YN community! Keep up the great work with this site! I am an a member of the NRAC program at NMCRC Tallahassee, Fl, where I've become that unit's YN. I am thoroughly enjoying myself while awaiting the previous advancement exam results. Young sailors, especially YN's can really learn from you! Congrats!
-YN3 Kristen Lord

Navy Reserve  
HM2(FMF)Luis G Bravo
Subject:      Bravo Zulu!!!
Wednesday, 17 March 2004
I applaud you for a job well done.  This is an awesome site.  I appreciate the quick links, downloads and all the extra's you provide for your shipmates.
I wish you continued success.
HM2 Bravo

Active Duty, Navy 
YN2 Casanova
Wednesday, 17 March 2004
   Your website is unbelievable.  I've never seen anything like this for the [Admin] Navy before.  You are so thorough, so meticulous, so informative.  I'm almost afraid to get used to this site for the fear of one day you no longer servicing it, lol.
Shipmate, OUTSTANDING job.  As a FTS TAR myself, (previous duty station NRC Syracuse) this is quite IMPRESSIVE for a Sailor, let alone SELRES.  I particularly enjoyed reading your NPSAC diary entries and wedding pictures - Congrats!  I definitely see you in Khakis in the future.  Keep up the great work and see you in the Fleet.

Active Duty, Navy 
Monday, 16 February 2004

Navy Reserve      
LT Curtis Smith
Tuesday, 10 February 2004
YN3, This is great site you have here.  It's young sailors like you that will make it a better Navy tomorrow.
Thanks and keep up the great work!
LT Curtis Smith, CEC, USNR

Active Duty, Navy     t
SMC(SW) Kim Watson
Wednesday, 14 January 2004

Comments:  My hat's off to you, YN3! The navygirl website is, by far, the best "one stop shopping" site I've ever seen. But YOU are even more impressive. You are leading the way for so many people. It is an honor to call you Shipmate! V/R, SMC(SW) Kimberly Watson   Navigation LCPO   USS GUNSTON HALL (LSD 44)

Mon 12/29/2003

Your website is and will be an inspiration for many, not the least of all - me!  How do you ever find the time to do all that!  I just went to Great Lakes in October, and was so impressed with the whole program.  It was definitely hard, but worth it for all that I learned.  Wish I had visited your website before going - I would have been much better prepared.  I will now try to spread the word. 
I think it's awesome that an NRAC graduate like you can be so motivated, and step out and do so much to help the Navy! 
Your journal is hilarious and I can identify with so much after going through Boot Camp and having some very similar experiences!  It's important to learn that every job is needed and worthwhile, even if it's not always fun!  I learned that about my job - the Dirty Dozen!  Now, I don't mind cleaning my house as much!
Congratulations on this website and keep at it!  I know I'm not the only one who loves it!
- Aimee


Date: 07 Nov 2003


HELLO NAVY GIRL!!!! My name is LISA HOBBS, well SK3 HOBBS, And I am newly advanced also!! I feel your web site is a great site!!! It brings me great pride to tell you that. I will be passing it along to fellow reservists whom I know. This site gives people a place to come together with stories that we all can relate to in some way. It brings back so many great memories, that I loved to relive. The PO Davis Page was great and gave me many laughs!!! That guy that impersonated his voice sounds just like him. He (PO Davis) was still there when I was there in 2003. I was there exactly a year to the day after you. I was there in 2003 the exact days you were. I was there with your sailor of the month for Nov BM3 Jasmin Alveriocintron. Me and her were so tight in boot camp and were always together. I'm so proud we both advanced on our first time taking the test. I have 2 friends who are active duty, and we were all going for our 3rd class. As of now they haven't gotten their results. (so we wait with fingers crossed) Congrats on your website and I appreciate you making it for all of us to enjoy. well I'll let you go and thanks again. Congrats to all who advanced!!! and talk to you again soon. Best of luck. . .SK3 HOBBS( I love signing that);)


Active Duty
AZ2(AW) Kendra Welchert
07 Nov 2003



While searching for some NAVAIR instructions, somehow I got a link to your website. The name caught my attention so I opened it. I now have been looking through it and reading about you for the last hour!

I have been in the Navy for more than 7 years and I am an E-5 currently working as a Aviation Admin instructor and curriculum developer at FASOTRAGRUPAC in San Diego, CA. Today the advancement list came out and I found out that I once again, did not make E-6. My husband did however and that just makes it worse. Of course I am happy for him but even more sad for myself because once again he outranks me. :) Looking through your website and reading your stories has really brightened up my day. You are very right about the Navy needing outstanding junior sailors because they are very hard to find. I find myself thinking that I would have loved to have such a motivated woman working for me when I was a shop LPO.

Anyway, my whole point here is that I was beginning to feel sorry for myself for not making rate. Sometimes I feel like I am so busy with not enough time for my family or myself. I love to hear from and meet people like you who do so much and seem to be balancing it. It gives me hope that I can do it. I am instructing, studying for rate, studying for master training specialist, writing a course, raising a 4 year old, pregnant again and married to another Navy person. Somewhere in there I am trying to figure out when I can start college again.

I just wanted to tell you thanks for the website and all of your hard work. You will make a wonderful officer and I look forward to checking back with your site often to see how your progress goes. And of course for the wedding pictures. I am after all first a woman. :)

Best of luck with all that you do. Let me know if you ever need any info that I may be able to provide. Like I said, I have been in the Navy as dual military for over 7 years and have made two cruises. Which includes missing about 2 years of my son's life. Have a fine Navy day!


Kendra Welchert, AZ2(AW) USN


Active Duty, Navy
YN2(SW) Roshuni. Samuel
Date: 01 Nov 2003

Just wanted to say good job on making YN3! Keep Charging!!!!
YN2(SW) Samuel Roshuni


Dawn Melton
23 Oct 2003


Hi Marta! I know we've e-mailed each other before, but I'd like to compliment you on your website once again.  This is the best and most informative website that I've been able to find when looking for information on reserves and other things.  I'm married & have 3 mischievous little boys.  I'm going into the Naval Reserve and my children & husband are super excited for me.  Thanks to your site, I was also able to find information on the Navy Sea Cadets & my oldest son (age 11) has joined that program and is loving it.  Thank you so much for your dedication and keep up the great work!!!


Reserve, Navy
HN Davis
03 Oct 2003

The reason why I come to this site daily, is for the wealth of information and it changes everyday, so there is always something new to learn.  I will be going to NPSAC in December and the information that is provided on this site is more valuable then almost any other site I have found.  I truly enjoy reading everything that you provide on this site.  Keep up the good work.  We love your spirit and commitment.


Reserve, Navy
MSSN Jennifer Waite
03 Oct 2003

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great website. I am heading off to Great Lakes Oct 6th, and this has been very helpful . Especially the forum. I have been corresponding with a few other females that will be there with me, and it's comforting to know that I already made some new friends that will be there for me, as well as I for them.

Keep up the great work !! And thanks again.  


Reserve, Navy
HMCS Spencer Harris III

25 Aug 2003

Ms Dodd

I feel a connection with the concerns many single parents are facing today. They are not asking for hand outs, just an opportunity for someone to offer a hand. While there is no magical cure that will change the attitudes of some individuals who are not single parents and do not face the daily challenges of single parenting, maybe reading some of the success stories, maintaining a dialog with a single parent and providing some educational resources will help. Some of the daily concerns about being a single parent can be shared by all. As you mentioned, we all may find ourselves assuming the role of a single parent due to our military assignment, deployments or other reasons beyond our control.

Our focus in meeting quality of life needs of our Marines and Sailors should not be on finding fault with a given parenting methodology but how best to embrace the principles of diversity, respect, perseverance and uplifting of one another in times of needs. Everyone needs that kind of friendship if we are to exist as a functional society.

Sometime we all need to sit back at some point in life to take inventory of what really makes us happy. We have to evaluate all that has occurred during bad times, stressful times and the good times to effectively navigate life course during calm waters. As you probably already know, we can not proceed through life on auto pilot.

Your web page and personal reflections are making a difference in the life of shipmates you may never meet. I commend you for your dedication and hard work. You are reaching out and helping others via your web page. Keep up the good work and God Bless.


S. Harris


HTCM Frank N. Zupan
12 Aug 2003

YNSN Dodd,
Greetings from Michigan.
I was searching Google for the NPSAC site and bounced onto your site.
I was reading the information on your website and was *amazed* to discover you are just an E-3!
Who said the people at the bottom can't make a difference?
You are doing a great job of mentoring future and former NPSAC personnel and are an encouragement to senior enlisted leadership.
You have already accomplished more in 1.5 years in the Navy than some do in their entire career. 
I also saw your picture in the last NRN News for the national recruiting ad.  You represent your country with honor and distinction and show leadership skills far beyond your current rank. Keep up the good work and you will certainly reach the top...the sky is the limit.

HTCM Frank N. Zupan
NRC Detroit
Senior Enlisted Leader
Unit: NIB DET 813
NERA Chapter President
AR-5 Vulcan (322.152)
"Not for self, but for country"


08 Aug 2003

This is the best website I've seen in my Navy career. Exceptionally informative. Keep up the good work.

ITC(SW) Logan sends....
NPSAC Great Lakes0


Juanita Woolfolk
07 Aug 2003

Marta, you are great. I know being a single mom is so tuff. But a lot of women do it. Some women who are married, wish they could be single, because their husbands do not support them or allow them to make their own decisions. Face it men have issues. But just remember you are the head of the household and very much like a man you will have to put your life on the line to protect your children. Like the great protector, a woman sometimes has to be a women, mom, daughter, provider, protector and preserver of life and liberty. Keep up the good work. Juanita


Charlotte Muenchrath
05 Aug 2003

 I'm an HM3 with an EOD Mobile Unit, and I have been with a Spec War and on a Fleet Hospital platform. So I have a lot of varied experiences as having gotten into the reserves under the old APG or advanced pay grade program. I have been a Corpsman, and have been trained as a coxswain/sonar tech and much more. So anything that I can share as a fellow highly motivated reservist; I'd love  to. Keep up the great work I am very impressed ! As females in today's  Navy we really have a responsibility to be mentors and instructors.


02 Aug 2003

I think it is amazing what you're doing with this website.  You have the most positive attitude I've ever seen!  I just wanted to let you know that you're doing something really cool. 

Fc3 Rose


Lindy Thomason
01 Aug 2003

Dear "Navy Girl"-
You are a lady after my own heart.  I retired from the Navy 2 years ago.... for 15 of my 20 active duty years I was (and still am) a single parent. I know first hand the difficulties, hardships, and heartaches that being in the military and being a single parent can bring.  But I also know the happiness, the sheer joy, the honor, pride and gratitude of being blessed by not only being a parent to two wonderful children but also by being a member of the greatest Navy this planet has ever seen. My experiences as a Mom and a Sailor can best be summed up by an incident that happened at my retirement ceremony... My XO called my children up to receive their certificates, as he handed my 10 year old daughter hers she began to cry (seeing his sister cry moistened my manly 15 year old sons eyes, the two of them had the whole room, including me fighting back the tears)..... I hugged her and told her everything was OK.... after the ceremony I asked her why she cried, her eyes welled up again as she said between sobs.... "I'm not ready to get out of the Navy", my son echoed her sentiment. Being a parent and a sailor can be done and it can be done without jeopardizing the family or the career.  I truly feel blessed and lucky to have had the experinces I've had and my children feel the same way. I salute you, keep up the good work.
Lindy Thomason (USN RET)

PS- The whole time I was in the Navy, even into my late 30's my Mother reffered to me as "My Navy Girl"  :-)


Seaman Powell
31 Jul 2003

Checked your site and read the article in the PI.  Congratulations :)!
Encouraging and Inspirational!!  See you this weekend!

Seaman Powell


Helen Tsang
31 Jul 2003

Please keep up the good work.  You are a good role model.


LT Al Yelvington
31 Jul 2003


I'm the son of a single-parent and wish you the very best God can offer.

I regret that the Coast Guard didn't find you first, but I'm delighted that you're blessing the Navy and others with your fantastic work.  That Navy Achievement Medal is going to look sweet on you!

My very best regards,

LT Al Yelvington, USCGR on active duty (Former ET1)


31 Jul 2003

WTCL!!! (aka, Way Too Cool Lady)

I was impressed by your story in the PI and just wanted to say that.

I'm X-Navy and a Vietnam Vet. You can tell by my sig that I scuba dive (my passion) and so does my wife. If you ever want to learn let me know.

When I got out of the service I worked for a while but then I decided at 29 years old that I wanted to go to college (the first in my family). I went to WSU to double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I left a stable job to go back to school and everyone including my parents tried to persuade me not to quit work and go to school. They were afraid I was throwing away a sure thing (a stable job) for a pipe dream.

Well, I persevered and graduated as I'm sure you will.


M. Tuliao
31 Jul 2003

You are an inspiration for all those serving and served in the U.S. Armed forces. You are  a grand example of "stick-to-ative-ness" not only for single women serving in the NAVRES, but also for single "dads" in the reserves that are juggling with similar situations. I am not a "dad" nor married, but many of my shipmates are single dads (soccer moms, soccer dads??. They, too have similar stresses.

By the way, drill weekend is the Navy Wide Exam for reservist, if you are taking it, good luck!!!

tuliao M. BM2 (USN)


CTA1 Billie Grauberger
29 Jul 2003

Outstanding website!  Keep up the great work.


CAPT David E. Meadows
24 Jul 2003

Seaman Dodd,
   I am thoroughly impressed!  BZ and keep charging, Shipmate.  I am sure you will make your goals.  Tenacity is the real key to success.
David E. Meadows,
CAPT  U.S. Navy


23 Jul 2003

I am actually getting the opportunity of joining the Naval Reserve under the APG program.  I have been looking over your website and it is great information.  I also looked at your journal of boot camp.  Wow!  That's a lot of work.  I will be sure to do my homework of running, pt, PUSHUPS (which i am no good at), etc.  I am a fulltime worker, parent, military spouse, and fulltime student.  I will be finishing at the end of this year.  YES!!!!!

I have been around the military environment for almost my entire life. I would like to stay in touch with others that have been through this program.  I strive to be part of the best military branches in the world, US NAVY!!!

Keep up the good work!


Jackson Kramer
23 Jul 2003

Hi Navy Girl: I want to tell you that I really appreciate your web site. My son left for NPSAC on Monday 7/21/03,so he has been gone a couple of days. We haven't heard from him yet, but by reading the information on your web site, I can get a feel for what he is doing right now and what will probably happen over the rest of the course. He reviewed your site prior to leaving and I am sure it has helped him. It does seem that no matter how much you read and study, you must experience it personally in order to really know how it is. You seem like a very motivated and together person, I am sure you will do well with your entire career and life. Good luck to you. Jackson Kramer


NCCM(SW/AW) David Flake
21 Jul 2003

I run the Naval Reserve Retention Programs and I find your site to be very beneficial to Career Counselors and I will be sending your web site to thousands of Career Counselors....

You go Navy Girl!!!


Gerald Smith
21 Jul 2003

Dear Shipmate,
     This site is fantastic. I have spent many hours on here before my enlistment finally went through. This site helped me to feel better about the decision I was making. I joined the reserve for two basic reasons. I wanted something that was going to challenge me physically, mentally, and in any other way possible. The second reason is to keep alive my family tradition. My grandfather, father, and uncle were all in the Navy. (They were all Active Duty members) I have only been in the Reserves since May 2003, but I am loving every minute of it.
     For anyone new to the Reserves or someone looking for information about what the Reserves is about and what they have to offer, this site is invaluable. The wealth of information on this site is amazing. Also, the interaction that is available from fellow Shipmates around the world is a great tool as well. It allows those of us that are new to ask questions and get answers to those questions.
     I just wanted to say, great site and keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated by all. If you need assistance with anything, don't hesitate to ask.

AMAN Gerald Smith


YNC (Sel) Williams
17 Jul 2003


I am so proud of you.  It takes a lot of strength to balance everything in your life.  I understand because I too, am a single parent and in the Naval Reserve (7 years active 4 of them as a single parent.)  I found your site because I needed a copy of the Sailors Creed.  I searched the site because of the words you put on it.  Good luck to you and I know that you will do well in anything you plan to do.

YNC(sel) Linda M. Williams


Sunday, July 13, 2003

YNSN Dodd,
I just happened to encounter your website while doing research for information to pass on to NPSAC personnel in my command.  You have an outstanding site, and are truly a young woman of potential and vision.  You have the makings of a great sailor and a leader!  I will recommend your site to others.
CDR Laura Dalesio



Corinne Hanson

Wednesday July 09, 2003

Good Evening, Marta. I just wanted to say "Good for you" for being what you are. Although I am not a parent, I hold down 1 full-time and 2 part-time jobs AND am in the Naval Reserve. I believe that being part of the Navy has strengthened my resolve to better myself personally and professionally, and am pleased to see another woman with strength who is handling quite a load herself. Kudos to you. SKSN Hanson



Eve Harris

Tuesday July 01, 2003

I commend you on such great work. I am also a single parent (20 years strong) serving in the Naval Reserve since 12/2000 and working full-time. Keep up the good work.



April Wilson

Saturday June 28, 2003

I just wanted to say I absolutely love this page. In less than 2 weeks I will be going to my first weekend drill at the Naval Reserve Center in Greensboro, NC. I leave for NPSAC later this year and your web page gave me tons of insight into what I'll be expecting. I am also a single parent of 2 children, 1 boy who is 17months old and has special needs and a girl, age 11. I looked into all branches of the military, incl. the National Guard and by far, the Navy and the Naval Reserve offered me the "best of both worlds" civilian and sailor. I (God-willing) will be commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the VERY near future. Thanks again! Stay Strong Sistah Girl!



Inna Atamanski

Friday June 27, 2003

Hi Marta, thank you for sharing your diary with us! I'm going to Great Lakes in 3 days... trying to get as much info about the boot camp as I can and your website looks great for that! I'm going with a girl that I know from my Reserve Center so it'll probably be a little bit easier than if I'd go alone, right? I'm hoping, at least... Sounds like you did a great job there! I'm hoping we'll have a lot of people like you, who are trying hard to be good at everything they do, because that's how I am, too. Thanks again! Inna



YN1 Dave Erbes

Wednesday June 25, 2003

YNSN Dodd, remember me? I did my two weeks active duty at NRC Tacoma last year and you where there. Since that time, I've transferred to NRC Bangor and am drilling less that 5 minutes from home vice over 60 minutes to Fort Lewis/Tacoma. I'm the only admin support for the unit, NUWC Keyport Det 122, and as such, I was given all the command CD's. One of them was a "CO Command Disc", it is from NRC Bangor and is titled "NRC BANGOR Commanding, Officers Resource Disk". On this CD is a link to, I clicked on that link and guess what, your pic was staring me in the face. I said, hey I know that person! So, here I am emailing you. GREAT SITE! ! ! Keep up the good work! When are you going make 3rd? Or did you? Please keep in touch, V/R YN1 Dave Erbes



Renee Leal

Monday June 23, 2003

Thanks for all the tips. I leave for boot camp in October and I'm trying to absorb as much info as I can. Your tips are straight to the point, no fuss no muss. "Exactly" what I was looking for. :)



SK3 Peyton

Sunday June 22, 2003

Navy Girl I want to say thanks for coming and speaking to division 832 and 831 last month at Great Lakes. You have inspired a lot of people to join the Navy. I have a question. I am thinking about applying for a commission and becoming an officer. I want to know the pros and cons of this and is there a website that I can go to give me the process. Thanks for any information you can give me. SK3 Peyton



Marti Loe

Wednesday June 18, 2003

hello Marta, this is Marti, well I was reading all of your letter's and I have to agree with the majority of them this site is the best military site for non prior military or npsacer's like myself. and I see that a lot of them like myself has worry's about there age I too am an ole one I just turned 39 and I have been in since January 27, 2003 and I leave for boot camp June 30, 2003. and I am a little scared about it. but like I have been told they can't kill ya! so to all of you out there who are going June 30, 2003 hello and I am MSSN Loe. I have a daughter that is 15 and she is excited for me and I am married to a retired boatswains mate Chief. and he is excited for me too. He went to Great Lakes 32 years ago. well to all of you and Marta take care and may the water in lake always stay calm. MSSN Loe/ Marti Loe USNR Grissom AFB Indiana



Helen Concepcion

Tuesday June 17, 2003

Hey Marta! I just checked the web page and thought I'd drop you a line. I hope all is going well with you and that you liked the Great Lakes Bulletin article. Best of luck to you and your family and let me know if I can help you with anything in the future. Helen Concepcion Great Lakes Bulletin P.S. Your Reserve ad looks terrific!



Karla Orendain

Tuesday June 17, 2003

I'm a single mom of two beautiful boys ages 8 and 3 and I decided to join the Naval Reserve for many reasons, but the main reason why I joined was because I couldn't get into active duty without giving up my parental rights. Originally, I wanted to go active for the benefits, but now I find it extremely difficult to leave my boys for so long if sent! on deployment. I was wondering if there is a website or some other type of resource that you might know about that offers help and support for single parents wanting to join active duty and making the "right decision". I think sometimes that it's a good thing to do then other times I feel guilty. I just need some help and I hope that I can find it soon. Please let me know. Respectfully, AN Karla Orendain p.s. I have really enjoyed That is a great site!



Amy McLean

Sunday June 15, 2003

Hi Marta! I am so impressed with your website. It is far better than any of the official military sites that I have visited. Extremely informative, organized and with an unbelievable number of links that actually work:) I am a 34 year old married mother of 4- 2 boys and 2 girls ranging from 7 to 15 years of age. My husband is a former Marine who just enlisted ! in the AF reserves. (His leg prevented him from getting back into the Corps.) He has been encouraging me to enlist in one of the reserves so that I can finish college. I've always been interested in joining up, but thought that I had too many dependents. My recruiter tells me that I can get in as a corpsman through the APG program, which sounds great. BUT... I feel selfish for joining when there is a possibility that I could be called up and have to leave my children for a long time. Yes, their Dad would take care of them, but he's a former Marine (enough said:) ) I haven't even told my mother that I am considering joining because she is old-fashioned and would totally FREAK! (You're abandoning your children, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseam.) Ideally, I would like to work full-time at my local reserve center. How hard is this to do? I really respect what you've done and would appreciate any input that you have. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me! BTW- I told my recruiter about how great your website is, and if I do join up, I will make sure to mention your name. Thanks again! Amy McLean



EM1(SW/AW) John Cady

Saturday June 14, 2003

I haven't been to your site in a while, and it looks fabulous! You have made a lot of changes to make it easier to read and more enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the new page on single parenting. This is an issue that often gets overlooked. As an LPO, I have a single mom at my command who could use the information you have here - she just re-enlisted and is going to sea duty next month. She has a 5-year-old son. God bless, John



Jason Parks

Friday June 13, 2003

Hi, I've been considering the USNR for quite a while, and have found and read many things on the subject. I just wanted to let you know that I found your website to be one of the most functional, practical, and informative sites that I've had the pleasure of running across. Your pride in your service is evident and VERY infectious! Keep up the good work.



James Lewallen

Tuesday June 10, 2003

Yep, there you are on p. 17 of the 16 JUN edition of the Times! Looks great!



LCDR Roger Motzko

Tuesday June 10, 2003

YNSN Dodd; Great site with the best collection of services and links I've found anywhere on the web! I use your site regularly as my book marked reference page. Thanks for a terrific collection. Operations Officer NMCB-18 LCDR Roger Motzko




Monday June 09, 2003

I just happened to stumble across your website by accident and I tell you what I'm glad I did! I got more info from your page than I did at my last 4 drills. I head up to Great Lakes June 30th a little more wiser! Great site! Rod



YN2(SW) Roshuni N. Samuel

Monday June 02, 2003

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I found your website. I wanted to let you know about another game called "Who wants to be a Yeoman" If you need the download let me know and I will email it to you. If you need assistance finding anything else YN related please let me know! And feel free to take a look at my Website - . V/R YN2(SW) Samuel



Amelia Teague

Friday May 30, 2003

Hey, I really appreciate your site, it has a lot of really good info. I consider myself a single parent because her father and I are not married and he does not do anything to help me or work at all. I have always dreamed about serving in the military, but it's even more important to me now because I do NOT want my daughter growing up the way we are living right ! now. I want to do way better for her. They also tell me that I can go active when a spot opens up for a single female with dependents. Tell me what you think about this. You seem like you are similar to me and have a level head on your shoulders. How do you like reserves so far, do you feel that it has given you an advantage as a single mother? I won't ask you what the two week basic was like because it's on your site, but I would like to know if you feel it was enough to prepare you for deployment. If you don't feel it is an intrusion, I'd like to email you from time to time, and if you'd like to check it out here is my lil ole website.  God Bless You



Danny Barnes

Monday May 26, 2003

I just stumbled across you website. It is wonderful and you are so positive and beautiful and encouraging. May God continue to Bless you Danny Barnes MD PS Chicago is my home town!!



Billy Crowther Command Master Chief (Ret)

Monday May 26, 2003

YNSN, I was the CMC of Service School Command from 1998-1999. It is great to see some one take a hold of the Navy as you have, I wish you all the best in you career. P.S You need to add a Retired check box on your form.. :-) Keep up the great work Billy Crowther CMC (Ret)


Jack Cooley

Thursday May 22, 2003

Dear Martha Hi firs I would like to congratulate you for an outstanding website good job and keep up the good work. I am a navy recruiter from San Diego,Ca., (Recruiter of the Year San Deigo and West Cost Region) I have been telling my recruits about your webpage and some of my shipmates that have known throughout the year. I have been trying to locate information regarding the "Navy Distinguished Public Service Award" I cannot find or locate a directive or information as to who and how to qualify for this. I believe coming from a Mater Chief retired that I qualify for this. can you give me information whre to go and find info on this. I have been looked over in the awards book, also avail on your site. Since your have done so much with your site I thought maybe you know and hopefully you can help. Thank you and keep up the good work. V/R BM1(SW)JD Cooley NRS National City San Diego Ca., (619)474-0246



Peraza, Leida SK3 USNR, Orlando, Florida

Thursday May 22, 2003

you have a wonderful website it is really helpful. It is actually helping me to get ready for boot camp because I was kind of afraid of what to expect so wish me luck and keep doing such a great and wonderful job helping other may god bless you and god bless our country the one that we are serving with pride and honor.




Wednesday May 21, 2003

Hi NavyGirl. I've been to your website literally about 25 times over the last month. I've just taken my medical and ASVAB and plan to sign on the dotted line next week for the USNR. I've selected the AO rating and am beyond excited. As a 36 year old woman who's thought about the military all her life I'm glad I've finally gotten up the nerve to do what I wanted ! to do all along. I have SO many questions... as I'm sure you can understand. The biggest one might seem trivial to you or others but it means a lot to me. I don't understand why women don't wear the same uniforms as do the men. I've checked the uniform regs and "uniform matters" but don't see this addressed. The Dixie cup seems to me to be almost a right of passage in becoming a sailor... so too the jumper, but women only get to indulge in the dress white jumper. Have you heard any women talk about this? Am I the only one who you've come across that feels this way? If so I guess I'm just making too much of a small issue. It certainly won't stop me from being a proud sailor... assuming I get through first just enlisting and second NPSAC. I really thank you for your time and have to say your site has been an enormous help while I wind my way through the enlistment process. Thank you.



Wenora Farrell

Wednesday May 21, 2003

Hi YNSN Marta Dodd: Congratulations on all of your hard work. I would like to say your site has been very informative and encouraging to those of us who are new to the Military Life. Your honesty and continued encouragement just makes me keep saying "Wow", I can do this also. I would like to say I am interested in learning more information about YN Advancement Test. I will have the rate of YN3 once my test are complete. I do appreciate any help you can provide. Next month (June 30th) will be my Boot Camp experience. I must say I am a little nervous, yet ready to give it my all. Thank you for your Web Site :) Wenora Farrell



Tina Anderson

Monday May 19, 2003

THANK YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I had visited your web page before I left for Great Lakes and loved it so I just decided to visit again and I find my graduation photos. I'm so blessed. Were you there running with us the day before?? because someone ran with me and cheered me on... was that you?? Again thank you sooo much!!



Jessika Rovell

Monday May 19, 2003

YNSN Dodd - thank you so very much for taking such lovely pictures at the Div. 829/830 graduation ceremony last week. I was the 830 RCPO, and it has been wonderful being able to share this portion of my experience with family and friends who could not be in Great Lakes through your web site. I have also received some e-mails from shipmates at my reserve center saying how cool it is! that I am "famous." While that is just a funny comment, I am nonetheless very grateful that the pictures are on your site. And, I think that they will be helpful to other shipmates who have not yet gone to Great Lakes - at least they have a picture in their mind of what to look forward to once graduation does indeed come for them! So, thank you once again! Best regards, SN Rovell



ISSN Andrew Giles

Sunday May 18, 2003

SN Dodd, Thank you so much for making the website telling of your NPSAC experience. I'm a little scared but like you said its only 2 weeks. I just finished my indoc weekends and am heading to NPSAC in August. I just wanted to thank you for putting up a site that gives some REAL insight into bootcamp from a students perspective. Congratulations on all you have done so far. I hope to be where you are soon. ISSN Andrew Giles





Friday May 16, 2003

Neat site. Was looking for information on what my wife would be going thru during her 17 day NPSAC training. I appreciate the diary you posted for all to view. Skipped my trip to the gym to indulge all you had to say. Myself, I was active duty Marine, out in 93. My wife, is currently in Great Lakes. She will obviously be in the Naval Reserves. We have one daughter whom misses her mother very much. Thanks again for sharing. RED



Airman Cesar Ortezyvezina

Sunday May 11, 2003

Okay so I'll admit that my curiosity got the best of me so I checked out the website and I've got just one question. When are you going to take leave from the Navy and sit down to pen your book ? With all your talent, ambition, and creativity I'm certain that it could be channeled into a bestseller. Just remember, Antwone Fischer made millions !!! Then there's the appearance on Oprah, then the syndicated column in the Seattle Post, followed by the highly successful daytime radio talk show, folks need an alternative to Dr. Laura and I'm sure they would appreciate advice from someone whose actually lived through all this drama and overcame it as opposed to someone who merely read about it while studying for their Masters degree. Then imagine the life you could provide for your children and you wouldn't need to work two jobs anymore. I know that you must truly feel that you have something to offer the world and if you don't act, believe me, someone whose more motivated and dedicated will, so timing is everything! Besides it's evident that you love all that you do so why not get paid handsomely for it! So go out and find yourself an agent and a publisher and touch the lives of millions. Keep up the good work, ATAN Ortezyvezina



Airman Ortezyvezina

Sunday May 11, 2003

YNSN Dodd, I just wanted to thank personally for all of the useful information and direct links which you have posted to your website as it's so much more user friendly and easier to navigate than the official D.O.D. and Navy websites. Needless to say I'm thoroughly impressed and can understand how you came to be honored as Bluejacket of the Quarter. Where did you learn to construct all of this ?You should be designing websites at the Pentagon. Respectfully, ATAN Cesar Ortezyvezina Post Scriptum: So what's wrong with WA state, I spent summers as a child in Kirkland and loved it there and try and visit there every chance I get. Believe me, there are a lot worse places to live in U.S.



ET3 Woody

Friday May 09, 2003

YNSN Dodd, Of course you don't know me, however I was just surfin the net and came across your site. I am active duty so often times the things that reservists do for one another to help each other out, seems kinda funny to me, but only because the things you guys help each other with, is my complete way of life......HOWEVER, I was really impressed with the whole website thing. you have links on your page that would be helpful for not only res. but also for active duty. I don't know if you care to know anything about me or not. but I am sitting on 24 hour duty, I have absolutely nothing to do. so I can throw out a tiny little info about me, and if in it, you think I may have any personal or professional stuff you could use on your site, don't hesitate to ask. I am 20yrs old. I am currently stationed with NAVSTA ROTA SPAIN, which of course, is located in Rota, Spain and supports the 6th fleet with sea and air support. this is my first duty station outside of the 13 months I spent at NTC in great lakes. I love the navy for the most part, and love to help anyone out with anything that involves the navy. I guess that is enough about me. lastly, congrats on your boy and his future naval training :-) and there are two websites I didn't see on your site that involve active/res. ppl finders for the navy. if you'd like the url's, drop me a line. R/ ET3 James Woody, USN ps. also, BZ on your making rate!!!!!



Finding your website made me feel better about joining
the Navy than I already did.  Thanks.  I'm sure there
are lots of sailors out there who feel the same way
and never let you know.  - Steve



Congratulations on YNSN, hang in there.  I'm finishing
my second year at Strayer U (, so I
can appreciate your experience at U of Phoenix.  I've
fallen behind and caught up and back and forth, but it
seems everyone does that.  Stay motivated and focused
and you can do anything!  I liked the picture of your
work area, I've attached a picture of mine.




SN Dodd,
Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly and for the attachment.  I will see if I can find it on the website as well.  You've been a great help.  I will pass your website along to the other newbies in my NPSAC class.  Thanks again.

MASN Ian Coughlin


Monday May 05, 2003

I hope you can help me. You seem pretty up to speed on the whole NPSAC process, including the website. Well, I was wondering if you know what is going on with it. I have been trying to get on the website for a week with no success. I keep getting a link to a new website, but from there I can't find anything to do with NPSAC. I would like to get to the npsac mess! age board, as well as download a copy of the welcome aboard package. Do you, by any chance, have any info on what is going on with the website, perhaps a new address. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Ian


Date: Saturday May 03, 2003

How do I go about getting the power point information from you. I am from Reserve Center Green Bay and would like to get this data. Please reply to Joseph Bergner


Sunday May 04, 2003

Hello, Looking the old NPSAC website. Haven't been able to go through new link. Can you provide a direct link? Also trying to find student message board. Thanks Mike


Thursday May 01, 2003

Thanks for your web site, its full of information. I am HM3,from Ft. Worth Texas. I drill in Okc, Oklahoma. My first drill weekend is May 17/18. I've heard all the horror stories. But I'm not to worried. Do you have any tips to physically prepare for boot? I'm 31 yrs old, and work as a paramedic in Ft worth, so I'm not too out of shape. But just a hint on what to expect? thanks, Kelli



I think your page has one of the best link pages I have ever seen (referring to links to the military...)  I always have to search for that info individually


Stew Smith


Date: Wednesday April 30, 2003

I am 32 years old and have just read your diary of boot camp. I have to say, kinda scary, however I know that it all pays off in the long run. I have decided at this very moment that I am going to enlist in the Naval reserve. I am totally terrified, but I feel that this is something that I absolutely have to do. You are an inspiring individual with so many things to do. I am a single parent too, but I have only 1 child, full time job, and half time student. Just reading about you makes me tired. Thank you so much for inspiring me, and I look forward to reading your newsletter, and becoming a sailor. Georgia Hemrick


Date: Monday April 28, 2003


Thank you for your website.  It is very helpful and down to earth when it comes to making a very important decision in one's life.

My question to you is what is MEPS and what can I expect from it?

My next question is, if you are a single parent, how does your reserve life coordinate with your civilian life and motherhood?  I am a single parent wondering if my 8-year old daughter will be OK with my decision, which will affect the next 8 years of her life.  Has the reserves interfered with your life with your children?

How is the Navy in regards to reservists with dependents?

Your time in answering my questions are greatly appreciated.



Date: Saturday April 26, 2003


wow I'm glad I found your site. I'm trying to lose my weight to sign up for the navy...Any advice please email me. thanks Rebekah


Date: Thursday April 24, 2003

Hi there,

I really enjoyed reading your website. I am 35 female and i am still debating on joining the Navy reserve.

Reading your journal has given me a better insight on boot camp and military life. I am still in the research stages and would like any feed back on what other sites i can read. Any information on the Navy Academic test would also be great.

I also admire you for all of your accomplishments in the Navy and having a family also.
I too believe God and faith is telling me to join the military. I also can relate to you about life and its many challenges. Take care and good luck in your future years with the Navy..
Warmest regard,


Date: Thursday April 24, 2003

Hello Marta,
I stumbled upon your website a few days ago and I just wanted to say how amazed I am. It's a great website and I admire all of the hard work that has gone into it. I am former Navy myself and I wish I had a site like this to prepare me when I went in for boot camp (in my day all female recruits went to Orlando). I do have one question for you. There was talk about changing from the dungaree uniform to the BDU's that the rest of the military wears. Has that happened? In your journal you mention "Utilities" but I've never heard dung's called that before. Thanks.


Date: Thursday April 24, 2003


I just want to say that you have a great site!  My husband is actually at NPSAC right now and I used your site to help him prepare.  Also, I will be joining the Naval Reserve Nurse Corps Next year when I graduate from college and I am happy to say that you have helped me to feel confident about my decision.  You go girl!


Date: Wednesday April 23, 2003


I really enjoyed looking at your website. You have a lot of good information on here. I have to take my physical and wait for a female opening in activiy duty. But hopefully there will be one soon.
Take care and God bless.


Date: Wednesday April 23, 2003


Hi Marta, what a great web site!!! I was reading your entry regarding the NPSAC Boot Camp...and I can completely relate since I am 36 and wondering how in the world can I take in all of that at my age??? Thnxs Alex


Date: Friday April 18, 2003

Dear Marta,

I enjoyed your website.  I just enlisted in the USNR at Willow Grove NAS (PA) on Tuesday the 15th.  I have my INDOC weekend on the 26th and have been assigned an AZ position when I complete (God Willing) RTC in October 2003. 

I'd had this tugging on my heart since the summer to serve the country but thought I was too old - so I volunteered at the USO.  I'd met and connected with some AFR people but when it came to actually talking to the recruiter - he told me I was too old (37) but that the USNR would take me.  So that's what was meant to be.  I'm in aviation (which is good) and the uniforms aren't too bad (ha ha). 

Like you, I'm a woman of color, divorced (no kids), and have a love for the Lord.  This whole process I found rather peace-filled.  With every step the doors would open, the lights would be green.  I couldn't help but feel a tear when I about to be sworn in earlier this week.

I've been trying to read as MUCH stuff as I can to prepare me for this whole new Navy culture.  Then again - living it is so much different compared to reading about it.  But as Paul said in Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  That's my theme.

I do have some NPSAC questions if you'll help me out.  1)  We ARE allowed to wear lipstick for our photo and graduation, right?  I understand we'll be au natural the rest of the time.  2) I assume they're group showers?  I don't have sisters and have never given birth so I'm on the modest side.  3) What does Pump & Dump mean?

A most blessed Easter to you and your family.


Date: Friday April 18, 2003

Valerie L Devine
YN2  (I think)
USNR 4/14/03

This website has provided so much information.  Excellent job!  I soon will be attending NPSAC in October 2003.  Looking forward to the challenge and experience.  I am a 36 year old African American female.  I have two children, daughter 18, son 17, it was a blessing to have them, and other family members at my induction.  When I decided to join the Reserves, the support was overwhelming. 

God Bless to All,



Hey Marta,

Great to hear from you.  I've been surfing your site and links since I don't know when - this morning.  I also mailed you an email to your site.  (awesome!).

In a nutshell I'll tell ya what's going on.  I was sworn in on the 15th, have my INDOC on the 26th, and will go to RTC on 6 October.  I've enlisted as an AZ - I might go for flight crew.  Do you know anything about that aspect of flight crew?
I think I'll post it on the NPSAC website.

Happy Easter - He has Risen!
God bless you, the family, America and our troops.

Elyse Braxton
Willow Grove NAS - PA


Date: Friday April 18, 2003

ENS Gilbert, USNR, SC

I started out in the Naval Reserves with the Advanced Pay Grade Program, similar to NPSAC.  Our company was actually a model for NPSAC.  The program can take you far.  I went from SK3 to ENS.  Anyone can do it if they work hard.  I have also gotten to travel extensively going to Pearl Harbor, HI, New Orleans, Rota, Spain and Africa.  I have served with the Seabees, Cargo Handlers, and with Naval Reserve Recruiting.  I am now active duty in the Navy Supply Corps at Navy Supply Corps School Athens, GA.  I graduated from Officer Candidate School in December of 2002 and encourage anyone to pursue their dreams, goals and if that included being officer, don't let anything stand in your way!
Great website.

Robert Gilbert


Date: Wednesday April 02, 2003

HEY!  I am a single mom myself.  I am 21 years old and live in Plymouth, MA.  I just wanted to let you know that I admire you greatly.  I have been looking at your site periodically over the passed few months and decided to finally write you!  My daughter, Destiny, is about a month younger than your daughter.  Destiny will be 4 in Sept.  One thing that really made me write you is the fact that you are in the military.  I have wanted to join the military for years, but thought that I could not because I am a single mom.  I really want to go active.  I have a great support network of people to watch my daughter, so that would never be a problem.  I have wanted to join the Marines, or the Air Force.  Everyone tells me I should go with the Air Force.  I have a very close friend in the USMC, and even he says I should go with the USAF...I read that you are active duty in the Navy (I know you joined as Reserves), but I was really interested in knowing how you did that being a single mom.  It's sad that the military is hungry for people, and I am having so much trouble joining.  I want to be a Marine so badly...or anything, really!  Your advice would be great.  This whole working in a dead-end job isn't for me anymore.  I want to serve my country.  I want to me someone my daughter would be proud of.  Many people tell me that my daughter would feel deserted if I joined the military, but I want to, like I said before, be someone she can look up to. 
Your friend in MA,
Missy Walker


Date: Monday March 24, 2003

The Mattice Family



Date: Sunday March 23, 2003

My name is Karen Jack, and I am a 30 year old married mother of 2 daughters, ages 4 and 9. I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration and will be going back to school in August to pursue a Nursing Degree. I will also be taking my oath tomorrow to join the Naval Reserve. I cannot tell you how informative and wonderful your website is! I especially enjoyed reading your bootcamp diary! I am very excited, yet nervous too about joining the Reserves, but am looking forward to the unique and valuable experiences I will gain from it. I grew up as an Army Brat, my father is a retired Army Colonel, and I am excited to be following in his footsteps, somewhat anyways!!! One more thing, when I saw your 30th birthday pictures, I knew I just had to write...I turned 30 on Feb 13 of this year! It made me feel OLD, but I am feeling younger & stronger everyday while anticipating my future in the Reserves and as a Nurse. Best of luck to you and thanks again for all of the great info o!
n your website!
Karen Jack, Charlotte, NC



Hey Navy Girl,

Your site is awesome!  No one has been able to tell me what the pay is for npsac?  Where can I find this info?  Also, I've had problems thus far with my drill pay, did you get your npsac pay on time?




Hi Marta -

Great website - I am so impressed! I feel like I will be much more prepared
for boot on April 21st! I'm excited to go, and I am wondering, if you had it
to do all over again, what is the coolest job to volunteer for? Although I
must say, you sound like you have taken laundry to a brand new level! Just
curious as to what you would pick to be the most advantageous.


YN2 Krista Plott
Salt Lake City, UT

P.S. I appreciate the info provided on what to being for females!!



Hi Mrs. Marta
I'm a navy officer (Lt.Cdr.)
Once I had search something good things about navy,
And once I had reached your site (specially navy
download page) shocked and surprised.
Because only u had good docs that I look for. Thank u
very much. But for these days if am not able to reach
that page.

May I ask u that how u can assist to me for obtaining
documentation such basic military requirement or
navedtra series??





Just wanted to let you know that I think your website is wonderful! Very informative!  One of a kind!!  Keep up the great work!  You are an inspiration.  I am a single mother of two w/ no child support and I know it's hard!  God bless us!!


Have a great day!

Liz Cubilette



Hey Girl,

    I love your website.  It is very helpful.  When do you anticipate that the Boot camp tips link will be up.  I leave 21 April, sure would like to take a peak before then.  Keep up the good work shipmate.




This is a great site!!!!  Thanks for the information.
HM3 McBride



Ms Navy Girl,

Don't ever give up on your dreams and aspirations. You can and WILL make it- Your site is very encouraging even for a happily married man :)

Bob Sage




I loved your web page!  I am 29 years old (turning 30
next week) and I am thinking about the USN reserves. I
have no prior military experience, just feeling like I
would want to do something for my country.

Is there any advice you have for someone like me?







Hi Martha, I am Kathy from Kathy's Military Links.

Thank you so much for adding your url to my links page. I signed your guest book also. Your site is just outstanding.

I added you to my Navy and Home page. Hey, we have something in common. I am a janitor also! hehehe! I work at our local school. Used to be a teachers aide, but was offered the janitorial position, and couldn't turn down the increase in pay. You could say I worked my way down the ladder!

My best to your family. Your kids are cute!

Take care and God bless you for all you do.


Proud mom of 3 service members



Hi Marta,
I read your story and you are truly an inspiration to me. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 36, a wife and a mother of a 12 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. I quit high school my senior year  and I just recently got my high school diploma from a correspondence school. I have always wanted to go in the military, but like I said on the web board, bad decisions in my life made that impossible at the time. I am truly blessed to have a very loving husband. But unfortunately he doesn't approve of me wanting to go in the reserves.  What job description did you go in as.  I have no idea what I would do as far as that goes. Every time I lookup something that I think I would like is is currently over manned. What exactly does that mean? Are you concerned that you could be called to active duty somewhere far away from your kids, especially with the threat of war. I know that you are willing to do that or else you wouldn't have signed up for the Navy Reserves.  What are your future plans as far as the Navy is concerned?  I have worked in retail most of the time but recently was a front desk receptionist at a Dr's office. I am thinking of going into the Radiology Program at a local hospital for X-Ray Tech. But i guess I have to take some classes first.  I'm not really sure if I'm still smart enough. You know the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."  Having to learn everything that I have forgotten from high school is kinda scary. I guess I'm afraid of failure.  What happens if you get to basic training and you don't pass the PT requirements? Do they make you go again or do they just kick you out? Please write back when you get a chance. I know being a mom of 2 kids and trying to keep it all together can be hard work. I grew up in a one parent home. I guess I just want to prove that I can be something in life other than just a mom and wife. Know what I mean? Any advice would be GREAT!!!!! God Bless!!!



Hi Marta,

I just read your wonderful website and I must say you did a brilliant job on it.  You are very talented.  I have been reading the NPSAC website and getting prepared for Boot Camp June 30th - July 16th.  I know you are busy but was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.  I am not nervous about my physical health or anything it just seems they are very particular about items that we bring.  I thought asking a female would help and you seem to be very knowledgeable.

1)  The 6 pair brief underwear - can we bring the high cut briefs that don't go down so low on your thighs or do they have to be the REAL briefs?

2)  Do you have to bring sport bras and do they have to be 100% cotton or can they be spandex?

3)  The regular bras - can they clasp in front or is there a particular style they want?

4)  The white socks - do they want crew (short, ankle, knee)?

5)  The black socks - I know we need one pair of dress but should I buy the real thick black ones that are long or short?

6)  Navy Shoe shine kit - Did the Navy give you one?  If not, where did you buy it?

7)  Garment Bag - What size would you recommend?  Large, small type.

8)  My hair is about 3 inches past my shoulders.  Do you think I should cut it or did people leave their hair long and pin it up?

I apologize if these questions are so particular.  I just would like to have everything I buy to be exactly what I need.  I would appreciate any input that you have and thank you again in advance.  I really enjoyed all of your journal entries, photos, etc.  Good luck with all of your endeavours.

Thanks so much,

Juliann Lena 



I am the 36 year old mom that you replyed to on the web board. Thanks for the vote of confidence. What is your status on being called up at this point because of the possibility of us going to war. What did you sign up to do in the Navy?  What do you tell your children about you being possibly deployed? Like I said I really want to do this but I just don't know about being called up for a year at a time. How do you plan to deal with this if this happens to you? I sometimes feel that I am trapped in a life that is going nowhere. But that is a whole  other issue. Please write back and give me some advice. I want to be realistic as possible.  Also could you tell me where to get the chain of command so that I can memorize it.  I think the only problem with PT that  I would have is the running. But i'm working on that and the other requirements. Is the ASVAB really hard. Thanks for any info and advice that you can give me.                                                              Lenora Williams



This is a great sight to reference stuff!  Good on you for putting it together.  Carry on sailor!

Chief Sean O'Connor
reservist from Idaho



Dear Marta,

   I would love to join the NAVY, but I live in Nigeria and I don't know what to do. please let me know, if there is any help. I would be glad If I am considered.

thanks in anticipation and looking forward to receiving your reply soonest.

Yours faithful,

Aremu Ayandotun.



Seaman Dodd,

  You have created a great website that will be very helpful to your current and future shipmates.  You are doing a great job.

  Thanks for your hard work and time spent putting this together.


CTM1 Eric Starace



Seaman Dodd:

Wow!  Great Site!  I'll certainly share this site with my shipmates.
Keep up the outstanding work!

SKC Isern



Seaman Dodd,

I would like to thank you for your informative site.  I will be signing my paper's shortly to enlist in the reserves, and will (hopefully) complete NPSAC sometime in the coming months.  Your website is both informative and helpful.  Thank you for the wealth of information you have taken the time to provide those of us about to join.


Keith Ballantyne

Everett, WA 



Hello navy girl. I was surfing the web and came across your site. It is quite impressive to say the lest. Have you been activated to the regular Navy with all of this war stuff coming about. 

A little bout myself. I am an active duty female sailor stationed in San Diego. I have been in almost 14 years. I just reenlisted for the next 6. I am a MM.

I read some of your boot camp journal. It brought back a lot of memories. I went to boot camp in Florida.

Feel free to email me back. Check out my command on the web. U.S.N.S. MERCY T-AH19. It is a hospital ship.

Your shipmate




Seaman Marta Dodd,

I like the website it was really helpful. Thanks for the link!

ET2 Edward Brown



Hi Marta,

How are you?  My name is Karmen Davis and I joined the Naval Reserve in Oct 2002 I am pnsn soon to be pn3.....rate E3
I have completed 3- weekends drills  so far.......I was just hoping to get some advice on what to expect....I viewed your website and I loved it....very informative...
So if it is not too much trouble please give me some tips or advice since I am still brand new....on do and don'ts especially with my uniform, sea bag etc...

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Karmen J. Davis
Naval Reserve Base North Versailles, PA



hello marta my name is Marti and i just enlisted myself in the naval
reserves. I read your diary and it scared me a little bit about boot camp
but i am bound and determined that i too am strong enough to make it
through it. but i am not as young as yourself so i hope that won't make
it harder on me there see I'm 38 and i will be 39 when i go to boot camp
yes I can just hear it now the ole woman in the navy. well i am starting
out a lot older than most recruits but i feel that i have just as much
right to be there as anyone else. i go to boot camp June 30, 03. i live
in Columbia city, Indiana and my station is at Grissom air base in Peru,
Indiana . I haven't even went to do my first weekend yet or gotten
process so i am still green to all of this but after reading your story
i am going to remain positive through this experience your my
inspiration. I am married to a retired BMC of 24 years in the navy and i
have 2 kids of my own and three step kids and three grandchildren. and i
am a security guard for a factory where i live but i too have been laid
off but I'm still hanging in there. well Marta i hope to hear from you
real soon. take care of yourself and your two beautiful children. peace
and love to you and yours. Marti Loe




My name is Jessica and I am 22 years old and just finished my degree in International Business/Spanish. I have recently found out that I am pregnant and my boyfriend is basically leaving me to do this myself. The job I'm at now is hardly a career-and I am trying to find a job with stability for when I have the baby. Or at least a potential career I could begin for when he/she is at least one years old. I thought that a military career might be ideal because with my degree I could go in as an officer and I know at least for other families housing is provided and there are even on base day care centers-I think it is some sort of family care center. There are also good benefits provided. However I know this to be true for 2 parent families-and I read in an article recently that single parents are not allowed to join the military? Do you know if this is true? or if there are loopholes? I am only 8 weeks now and I am trying to come up with some sort of plan for when all this happens since I am really alone and am not even looking at abortion as an option. I would like to do something like military intelligence? I have not spoken to a recruiter yet-because I saw your web page and it gave me hope that a career in the military is possible despite the article I read. If you could give me anymore information or even advice I would appreciate it.





You are now on the right track to success.
Pedro USNRet.
The best thing that ever happened to me, USN.



SN Dodd,
I want to commend you on your website!  I stumbled on your website by
accident and was overwhelmed by the
wealth of information you posses in it seems the short amount of time you
have been in the Navy.  I have been in
the Navy for 9 years and am currently an Instructor at "Instructor Training
School" here in Norfolk, VA.  Keep up
the good work shipmate.  BRAVO ZULU!!!
IC2(SW)Jennifer J. Harris



Hello shipmate (not too much after me)

I attended great lakes march 14-march 28 2001

I was just checking out your personal site and I must say, I admire your courage perseverance. To maintain your Navy obligations and your other part time jobs and raise your kids is quite a task. (you should get a ribbon for that).

My AT for this year has been kind of screwed up. Originally I was supposed to be going to Rota Spain with my unit (Seabee NMCB 27) but my orders were cancelled 3 days before I was flying out because my reserve center found out about the 84 day requirement about leaving the conus. Then I was scheduled to go to Gulfport MI last week but due to another reserve center screw-up my orders were not approved in time. So at my next drill I will be looking to see what's available.

And in case you were wondering I live in MA (the other side of the country). And here is a pic of me on my first drill weekend with my unit.

Also do you do your own sites? If so you should be a pro! They look really good.




Hello Shipmate!

My name is Robert Bergeron (EA2) I also went through the NPSAC program (hoooraa 815 go navy!)

I have had your website book marked for a while now because of all of its great information and links and just wanted to take a moment to tell you that the new design looks great. I also wanted to congratulate you on your citation. Nice Job!!

I was also curious if you went to the Phase 4 training in New Orleans and if so what was it like? I am looking around and trying to decide what to do with my first AT after Great Lakes. Any input would be great!


EA2 Bergeron



I found your site while searching on Google for MyPay. What a joy it was to
find all the links I require in one place. I will advertise your site to all
my friends. If you ever want to come here to do your AT, or if you are
interested in ADSW in the New Orleans area please let me know. Do you speak



SN Dodd
   I just added your links page to my favorites as it is an immediate
resource to everything I need. BZ and keep it up!


HMCM (SEAL) Philip R. Gibson
Command Master Chief
Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School (NAVSCIATTS)
Stennis Space Center, MS. 39529



Dear Ms. Dodd.

You have a great website. I really enjoyed it. I too have been contemplating joining the navy reserves as well. What kind of opportunities do they offer for people seeking entry into officer programs? Are they competitive?




Marta, you've got a great web site! Thought I'd show you mine. Maybe we can exchange links. Let me know.

God Bless America, One Nation UNDER GOD

Semper Fi

Bill Sieger

USMC Retired



Dear Marta,

I might be able to help you achieve your metal.  I am very interested in joining the Navy. If you can help me, I just have a few questions.  I am curious as to what has to happen to actually be called upon for war duties.  Do they wait for a certain # of casualties then call upon us? Are those weekends that we would perform monthly a part of war since it is called active duty?

See I am trying to advance my education and experience with what the Navy has to offer. However, for as much as I want to help my county it is important for me to know what is going on with something as serious as going to war.  I am looking to get into being an information technician which is based on computers.  I want to have an idea of what I would be doing while involved in war. How are my chances of surviving if engaged in war? If you can get back to me with an answer I would appreciate it and bring you up to my recruiter. 


                                                                       Chad Taddeo



I just wanted to say I liked your site.  It does help out those like myself who are entering the Navy under the NPSAC Program.  Plus us girls gotta stick together.  Keep up the good work.

Leslie Del Cimmuto



Hi, i just wanted to let you know I like your web site a lot. I showed it to my recruiter and he liked it to.

I will be going to boot camp in October and your web site is a great tool.


Regina Zivkovich




    I love your website.  It has been very helpful to my friends and I.  Please let me know how much postage is for you to send me a CD with the downloadable information.  I am a probation & parole office always on the go and don't have time for lengthy downloads and the State does not pay me enough to afford DSL.  Do you offer a password to read your journal.  My friends and I have started to prepare physically for the challenges of boot camp.  Currently we are working on the swimming portion.  Could you tell me exactly what is tested and the time frame?  I sure would appreciate it.  Keep up the good work.  Your site is keeping me motivated through all the paperwork required before being sworn in.

Thanks again...Hayli Strouse-Beebe



Marta, how do you do it?  I have been reading your diary.  Oh my gosh, I would have cracked by now.  I am referred to as wonder woman here in my world, but I feel that you should hold that title.  You are amazing!  I decided to joining the reserves after seeing your site but, you removed a lot of doubt from my mind.  I will tell my recruiter of you and hopefully you will get credit.  You sure do deserve it.  I myself am on my 3rd husband and have recently filed for divorce.  My first two I had only dated for 6 months.  The third I dated for 2 years.  It just doesn't matter.  I could talk to you forever but I tend to jump form topic to topic and I won't do that to you.  Stay strong Marta, stay strong.

Karen Gilbert



Your diary was right on target! That's just the way I remember it. I feel
better for the experience but wouldn't want to do it again for anything!
Your website is really awesome and you have SOOOOOO much stuff on it. I
couldn't get through it all, but book marked it and I'll look at it more




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