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Navy Acronyms

5VM Five vector model
AA Authorized Absence
ABPL Administrative Board Procedures Letter
AC Active Component
ACC Accounting Category Code
ACD Aviation Comminssioning Date
ACDU Active Duty
ACE American Council on Educaion
ACIP Aviation Carer Incentive Pay
ACLS Andvanced Cardiac Life Support
ACOB Actual Current On Board
ACT Active American College Test
ACTR Assistant Contract Technical Representative
ACTY Activity
AD Active Duty (former ACDU)
ADDU Additional Duty
ADL Active Duty List
ADMSG Advise by Electrically Transmitted Message
ADSD Active Duty Service Duty
ADSEP Administration Separation
ADSW Active Duty for Special Work
ADT Active Duty Training
ADTAKE Advise What Action Taken
AEA Actual Expense Allowance
AEC Automated Electronic Classrooms
AEF Advanced Electronics Field Program
AFCT Armed Forces Classification Test
AFHPSP Armed Forces Health Professional Scholarship Program
AFRM Armed Forcces Reserve Medal
AFSS Autonomic Fire Suppression System
AFTP Additional Flight Training Period
AFVT Armed Forces Vision Tester
AI Action Item (typically employed to assign action to research and
AI Awating Instruction
AIA Accelerated Initial Accession Program
Ais Automated Information Systems
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMCROSS American Red Cross
AMDOC Aviation Maintenance Officer Candidate
AMDR Authorized Medical Department Representative
AO Authorized Official
AOB Average on Board
AOC Aviation Officer Candidate
AOCS Aviation Officer Candidate School
AOLTC Naval Chaplains Advanced Officer Leadership Training Course
AOR Area of Responsibility
APC Activity Processing Code
APC Agency Program Coordinator
APF Annual Planning Figure
APG Advanced Pay Grade
AQD Additional Qualification Designator
AQR Academic Quaalification Rating
ARC Alcohol Rehabilitation Center
ARI Active-Reserve Integration
ARPR Annual Retirement Point Record
ASAP Accelerated Sailors Achievement Program
ASDHA Assistant Secretary of Defense - Health Affairs
ASED Aviation Service Entry Date
ASF Auxiliary Security Force
ASGN Assign
ASGNMT Assignment
ASMRO Armed Services Medical Regulating Officer
ASN/M&RA Assistant Secretary of the Navy, for Manpower and Reserve
ASN/RD&A Assistant Secretary of the Navy, for Research Development and
ASOSH Annual Statement of Service History
ASP Air Systems Program
ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
ASW Antiwubmarine Warfare
AT Annual Training
AT Anti-Terrorism
AT Awaiting Transfer
AT/FP Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection
ATF Alcohol Treatment Facility
ATG Afloat Training Group
ATM Automated Teller Machine
ATO Anti-Terrorism Officer
ATP Additional Training Period
ATP Apprenticeship Training Program
ATRC AEGIS Training and Readiness Center
AUIC Active Unit Identification Code
AVIP Anthrax Vaccination Implemtation Plan
AVROC Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate
AWOL Absent Without Leave
BAH Basic Allowance for Housing
BAH-II Basic Allowance for Housing II (Replaces BAQ effective 1 January
BAM Baseline Assessment Memorandum
BAS Basic Allowance for Subsistence
BCA Business Case Analysis.  Objective analysis in support of a decision
among options.
BCD Bad Conduct Discharge
BCNR Board of Corrections of Naval Records
BIOTS Best Intrest of the Service
BLS Basic Life Support
BMT Basic Military Training
BOA Board of Advisors
BOL Bureau Of Naval Personnel Online
BOOST Broaded Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training
BOS Base Operating Support
BRIT Basic Reserve Intelligence Training Program
BSC Billet Sequence Code
BST Billet Sequence training
BTB Basic Test Battery
BTP Billet Training Profile
BUD/S Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal
BUMED Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
BUPERS Bureau of Naval Personnel
BUPERSINST Bureau of Naval Personnel Instruction
CAC Common Access Card
CAC/FHS Casualty Assistance Calls/Funerals Honor Support
CACO Casualty Assistance Calls Officer
CACP Casualty Assistance Calls Program
CACT Clothing Allowance, Civilian Temporary
CADD Current Active Duty Date
CAI Crossed Assigned In
CAN Center for Naval Analysis
CANREC Canvasser Recruiter
CANTRAC Catalog of Navy Training Courses(Navy Formal Schools Catalog
(NAVEDTRA 10500))
CAO Crossed Assigned Out
CAT Comprehensive Analysis Teams
CB(Vet) Construction Basic Veteran
CBMU Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit
CBR Chemical Biological Radiological
CBT Computer Based Training
CCPD Centralized Credentials Review and Privileging Department
CCPO Chaplain Candidate Program Officer
CD Considered Disqualifing
CDC Center for Disease Control
CDR Commander
CDR Critical Design Review
CEC Civil Engineering Corps
CEFIP Career Enlisted Flight Incentive Pay
CeTARS Corporate Enterprise and Training Activity Resource System
CFFC Commander, Fleet Forces Command
CFO Commissioning Fitting Out
CHAP Chapter
CHC Chaplain Corps
CHCS Composite Health Care System
CHNAVPERS Chief of Naval Personnel
CIC Customer Identification Code
CIPM Career Information Program Management
CLCVN Class Convening
CLEP College Level Examination Program
CLER Clerical Aptitude Test
CLIN Contract Line Item Number
CMD Command
CMDCM Command Master Chief
CME Continuing Medical Education
CMS Career Management System
CMS Classified Materials System
CMS Content Management System
CNAFR Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve
CNATRA Chief of Naval Air Training
CNET Chief of Naval Education and Training
CNI Commander Naval Installations.  Type Commander for shore
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
CNRC Commander, Navy Recruiting Command
CNRF Commander Naval Reserve Force
CNRFC Commander Naval Reserve Forces Command
CNSF Commander Naval Surface Forces.  Lead Surface Type Commander
CNSL Commander Surface Forces US Atlantic Fleet.  Follow Surface Type
CO Commaning Officer
COB Current Onboard
COCI Civilian Occupation Code Indicator
COF Common Order Format
COG Convenience of the Governemtn, Cognizance
COI Course of Instruction
COLA Cost-of-Living Allowance
COMNAVAIRFORES Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve
COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Commander, Naval Air Systems Command
COMNAVINTCOM Commander, Naval Intelligence Command
COMNAVPERSCOM Commander, Naval Personnel Command
COMNAVRESCRUITCOM Commander, Naval Reserve Recruiting Command
COMNAVRESFOR Commander, Naval Reserve Force
COMNAVRESFORCOM Commander, Naval Reserve Forces Command
COMNAVRESINTCOM Commander, Naval Reserve Intelligence Command
COMNAVRESREDCOM Commander, Naval Reserve Readiness Command
COMNAVSEASYSCOM Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
COMNAVSECGRU Commander, Naval Security Group Command
COMPL Upon Completion
COMSEC Communications Security
CONLV Convalescent Leave
CONUS Continental United States
CONUS COLA Continental United State Cost of Living Allowance
COS Chief of Staff (Admiral's Staff)
COSTEP Commissioned Officer Student and Extern Program
COT Consecutive Overseas Tour
CP Capability Plan
CPC Commissary Privilege Card
CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation
CRA Continuing Resolution Authority
CRB Chaplains Resource Branch
CREDO Chaplain's Religious Enrichment Development Operation
CREO Career Reenlistment Objectives
CREST Chaplain and Religious Program Specialist Expeditionary Training
CRP Command Religious Program
CSG Surface Strike Group (formerly called surface action groups)
CSO Chief Staff Officer (O-6 Staff)
CSP Career Sea Pay
CTC Command Teaming Coordinators
CTO (Contracted) Commercial Travel Offices
CTO Computer Task Order
CTR Contract Technical Representative
CVSG Carrier Strike Groups (formerly known as the carrier battle group)
CWO Chief Warrant Officer
CWT Hundred Weight
DA Design Agent
DAMS Digital Asset Management System
DANTES Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
DAPA Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor
DCO Damage Control Officer
DCTR Deputy Contract Technical Representative
DD Dishonorable Discharge
DDESS Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary School
DDIC Department Of Dfense Disease Injury Code
DDS Direct Deposit System
DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEP Delayed Entry Program
DEPEN Dependent
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DFC Detachment for Cause
DG Defense Group
DIC Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
DIFCREW Duty Involving Flying Crew
DIFDEN Duty Involving Flying Denied (Duty in a flying status not
DIFOPS Duty Involving Flying Operations (Duty in a flying status
or training flights)
DIFOT Duty in a Flying Status Involving Operational or Training Flights
DIMHRS Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System
DIR Directive/Director/Directs/Direction
DJMS-RC Defense Joint Military Pay System-Reserve Component
DL Distance Learning
DL Distributive Learning
DLA Dislocaiton Allowance
DMRS Diary Message Reporting System
DMRSMAN Diary Message Reporting System User's Manuanl
DMS Defense Messaging System
DNEC Distributable Navy Enlisted Classificaiton
DNS Director, Naval Staff
DO Dental Officer   or   Doctor of Osteopathy
DOB Date of Birth
DoD Department of Defense
DoD Dir Department of Defense Directive
DoDEA Department of Defense Educaiton Activity
DODFMR Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations
DODMERB Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board
DODPM Department of Defencse Pay and Allowance Entitlements Manual
DOE Department of Energy
DOHA Defense Ofice of Hearing and Appeals
DONCAF Department of the Navy Central Adjudicaiton Facility
DOR Drop on Request
DOT Dictionary of Occupational Titles
DPAS Defense Property Accountability System
DPM Direct Procurement Method
DSL Document Status Log
DSN Defense Switching Network
DSSR Department of State Standardized Regulations
DT Diptheria/Tetanus
DTOD Defense Table of Distance
DTR Defense Transportation Regulations
DTS Defense Travel System
DUI Driving Under the Influence
DUINS Duty Under Instruciton
DUPREFS Duty Preferences (NAVPERS 1306/63)
DUSTA Duty Station
DUSTWUN Duty Status Whereabouts Unkown
DVA Department of Veterans' Affairs
DVECC Disease Vector Ecology and Control Center
DWI Driving While Intoxicated
EAGLS Electronic Account Government Ledger System
EAOS Expiration of Active Obligated Service
EASB Elimination form Active Status Board
ECAT Enhanced American College Test
ECECS Executive Control and Essential Command Supervision
ECMO Enlisted Community Management Objective
ECP Enlisted Commissioning Program
ECP Entry Control Point
ECR Electronic Classroom
EDA Estimated Date of Arrival
EDB Enterprise Data Base
EDD Estimated Date of Departure
EDS Electronics Data Systems
EDUC Educaiton
EDVR Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report (Formerly BUPERS
EEAP Enlisted Educaiton Advancement Program
EFR Equipment Facilities Requirements
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EIT Engineer-in-Training
EKMS Electronic Key Management System
ELS Entry Level Separation
ENCORE Enlisted Navy Career Options for Reenlistment Program
ENL Enlisted
ENLTRANSMAN Enlisted Transfer Manual
ENTNAC Entrance National Agency Check
ENWGS Enhanced Naval War Gaming System
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EODMU Explosive Ordnance Mobile Unit
EODTEU Explosive Ordnance Training Evaluation Unit
EOS Expiration of Service
EPAD Enlisted Personnel Action Document
EPMAC Enlisted Placement Management Center
EPMU Environmental Preventive Medicine Unit
EPTE Existed Prior To Entry
EREN Expiration of Reserve Enlistment
ERNT Executinve Review of Naval Training
ESAMS Environmental and Safety Application Management System
ESF Expeditionary Strike Force (a combination of CVSGs and ESGs that
ESG Expeditionary Strike Groups (former three-ship amphibious ready
ET Equivalent Training
ETJ Electronic Training Jacket
EUM Essential Unit Messing
EXCEL Excellence through Commitment to Education and Learning
F & T Functional & Team courses
FAM Foreign Affairs Manual
FAP Family Assistance Program
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
FASTDATA Fund Administration and Standard Document Automation
FCA Fleet Concentration Areas
FEDLOG Federal Logistics Data on Compact Disc
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEML Funded Environmental and Morale Leave
FFC Fleet Forces Command, major claimant for the fleet including team
unit training
FFT For Further Transfer
FH Fleet Hospital
FHD Funeral Honors Duty
FHDA Funeral Honors Duty Allowance
FICA Federal Insurance Contribution Act
FIR Field Interview Report
FITREP Fitness Report
FITW Federal Income Tax Withheld
FMF Fleet Marine Force
FMR Fully Medically Ready
FMS Final Multiple Score
FN Fireman
FNAEB Field Naval Aviatior Evaluation Boards
FNP Family Nurse Practicioner
FOBI Flight Officer Biographical Inventory
FOFAR Flight Officer Flight Aptitude Rating
FORMAN Force Management System
FOS Falure of Selection
FPCON Force Protection Condition
FRP Fleet Response Plan
FRS Fleet Readiness Squadron
FSH Family Separation Housing (replaces FSA-I effective 1 January 1998)
FSR Field Service Record
FTR Federal Travel Regulation
FTS Full Time Support
FURAS For Further Assignment
FY Fiscal Year
GAO General Accounting Officer
GARS Governemen Administrative Rate Supplement
GBTS Ground Based Training System
GCM General Court-Martial
GCMCA General Court-Martial Convening Authority
GCT General Classificaiton Test
GE Graduate Education
GED General Educaiton Development
GEN General
GENDET General Detail (Enlistment Program)
GMR Government Meal Rate
GMT General Military Training
GOCO Government Owned Contractor Operated
GSA General Services Administration
GSBCA General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals
GTCC Government Travel Charge Card
GTR Governemnt Transportation Request (SF 1169)
Guard III Guarenteed Assignment Retention Detailing Program
HBA Health Benefits Advisor
HC Human Capital
HELREC Health Record(s)
HEP A Hepatitis A
HEP B Hepatitis B
HEP C Hepatitis C
HHG Household Goods
HICF Health Insurance Claim Forms
HIS Human System Interface/Integration
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HMIS Hazardous Material Information Sheet
HON Honorable
HOR Home of Record
HOS Home of Selection
HP Homeport
HPC Human Performance Center
HPP Health Promotions Program
HPPs Human Peformance Professional's
HPSM Human Performance Systems Model
HPT Homeport Training
HSO Health Support Office
HTR Health Treatment Record
HUMS Humanitarian
HYT High Year Tenure
IA Individuals Account
IADT Initial Active Duty Training
IAP In Assignment Processing
IATO Interim Authority To Operate
IAVA Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert
IAVB Information Assurance Vulnerability Bulletin
IAVM Information Assurance Vulnerability Management
IAW In Accordance With
ICD International Classificaiton of Diseases
ICF Individual Credential File
ICO In Case Of
ICW In Connection With
ID Identification
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IDT Inactive Duty Training
IDTC Inter-Deployment Training Cycle
IDTT Inactive Duty Training Travel
IED Improvised Explosive Device
IEMF Inactive Enlisted Master File
IFPP Individual Force Protection Plan
IFS Introductory Flight Screening
IG Inspector General
IHCA In Hands of Civil Authorities
ILE Integrated Learning Environment  (CBT, VTT, DL, Simulation, Live)
IMA Individual Mobilization Augmentee
IMAPMIS Inactive Manpower and Personnel Management Information System
IMMUN Immunization (Obtain Immunization Current NAVMEDCOM 6230.1)
IMR Individual Medical Readiness
IMS Individual Mobilization Code
IMS Individual Mobilization Status
INACT Inactive Enlisted Master File
INFOCON Information Condition
INFOSEC Information Security
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
INWF Improving the Navy's Workforce project
IO Investigative Officer
IP Internet Protocol
IPCOT In-Place Consecutive Overseas Tour
IPE Individual Protection Equipment
IPP Integrated Production Plan
IPR IDT Participation Record
IRAD Individual Readiness Assessment Designator
IRR Individual Ready Reserve
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ISIC Immediate Superior in Command.  Typically the command in oversight
ISL Inactive Status List
ITA Invitational Travel Authorization
ITGBL International Through Government Bill of Lading
ITO Installation Transportation Officer
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAU Joint Augmentation Unit
JD Joint Determination
Jev Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination
JFTR Joint Federal Travel Regulations
JMETL Joint Mission Essential Task Lists
JON Job Order Number
JPATS Joint Primary Aircraft Training System
JPME Joint Professional Military Education
JR&IO Joint Requirements & Integration Office
JRB Joint Reserve Base
JRIPSS Joint Reserve Intelligence Planning Support System
JTA Job Task Analysisi
JTF Joint Task Force
JTR Joint Travel Regulations
KM Knowledge Management
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KPP Key Performance Parameters
KSA Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
KSAT Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Tools
LACMOB Local Area Coordinator For Mobilization
LAN Local Area Network
Lange Language
LC Learning Centers
LCMS Learning Content Management System
LDO Limited Duty Officer
LES Leave and Earnings Statement
LIMDU Limited Duty
LMA Logistics Management Assessment
LMS Learning Management System
LOD Line Of Duty
LOI Letter of Instruction
LON Letter of Notification
LOT Letter of Transmittal
LPDCI Living Patter Data Collection Instrument
LPQ Living Pattern Questionaire
LPS Living Pattern Survey
LSRB Location Selective Reenlistment Bonus
LTC Leadership Training Continuum
LV Leave
LVA Local Vulnerability Assessment
M&IE Meals and Incidental Expenses
MAA Master-at-Arms
MAC Move, Add, Change
MACG Mobilization Assignment Control Group
MALT Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation
MALT PLUS Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation Plus Flat Per
MANMED Manual of the Medical Department
MANMED/MMD Manual of the Medical Department
MAPTIS Manpower Personnel and Training Information System
MARS Military Affiliate Radio System
MAS Manpower Availabilty Status
MAS Mobiliation Assignment Status
MC Master of Ceremonies
MCA Manning Control Authority
MCM Manual for Courts-Martial
MDC Mandatory Drill Code
MDO Mandatory Drilling Obligaiton
MDR Medical Department Representative
MECH Mechanical Test
MECP Medical Elisted Commissioning Program
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation
MEPS Military Entrance Processing Station
MER CREDO Marriage Enrichment Retreat
MEVA Mission Essential Vulnerable Assets
MGIB Montgomery GI Bill
MHE Mental Health Evaluation
MHP Mental Health Professional
MIA Missing in Action
MIHA Move-in Housing Allowance
MILAIR Military Aircraft
MILCON Military Construction
MILPERSMAN Military Personnel Manual
MIUW Mobil Inshore Undersea Warfare
MIUWU Mobil Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit
MMR Measles, Mumps and Rubella
MMR Merchant Marine Reserve
MMSP Manpower Mobilization Support Plans
MO Medical Officer
MOB Mobilization
MOD Military Obligation Designator
MOE Measure of Effectiveness
MOP Measure of Performance
MOR Memorandum of Responsibility
MOT Moment of Truth
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPM Military Personnel Manual
MPN Manpower Personnel Navy - Funding account for Navy
MPO Military Pay Order
MPRS Military Personnel Records System
MPT Manpower, Personnel and Training
MRI Medical Readiness Indeterminate
MRR Medical Retention Review
MSC Military Sealift Command
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
MSO Military Service Obligation
MTF Military Treatment Facility/Medical Treatement Facility
MTMC Military Traffice Management Command
MTS Minimum Tour for Separation
MWR Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
NACIC Navy Absentee Collection and Information Center
NADDS Navy Active Duty Delay for Specialist
NAF Naval Air Facility
NALCOMIS Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System
NAMTS Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy
NAPPI Naval Aviator Production Process Improvement
NAPS Naval Academy Preparatory School
NAR Naval Air Reserve
NARANO Name,Rate and Social Security Number
NAS Naval Air Station
NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operations Procedures Standardization
NATRACOM Naval Air Training Command
NAVADMIN Naval Administrative (message)
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command
NAVAIRES Naval Air Reserve
NAVAL REHCEN Naval Rehabilitation Center
NAVARESFLTHOSP Naval Reserve Fleet Hostpital
NAVCAD Naval Aviation Cadet
NAVCOMPT Comptroller of the Navy
NAVCONBRIG Naval Consolidated Brig
NAVCRUITDIST Navy Recruiting District
NAVCRUITRACOM Recruit Training Command
NAVDIVSALVTRACEN Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center
NAVEODTECHDIV Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technical Division
NAVET Navy Veteran
NAVOSH Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual
NAVPERS Naval Personnel
NAVPERSCOM Navy Personnel Command
NAVPERSINST Naval Personnel Instruction
NAVPTO Navy Passenger Transportation Officer
NAVRES Naval Reserve
NAVRESCEN Naval Reserve Center
NAVRESNET Naval Reserve Network
NAVRESPERSCEN Naval Reserve Personnel Center
NAVRESREDCOM Naval Reserve Readiness Command
NAVRESSECGRU Naval Reserve Security Gorup
NAVRISO Naval Reserve Information System Office
NAVSCOLEOD Navy School for Explosive Ordnance Disposal
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSEASYSCOM Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSUP Naval Supply Systems Command
NC Navy Counselor
NCBT Naval Chaplains Basic Training
NCD Not Considered Disqualifing
NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCP Navy College Program
NCPACE Navy College Program for Afloat College Education
NCPB Navy Clemency and Parole Board
NCW Naval Coastal Warfare
NDRB Naval Discharge Review Board
NEC Navy Enlisted Classification
NECAP Navy Enlisted Classification Attainment Program - HM course to
8404 NEC.
NEDOC Navy Expanded Drill Opportunity-Clinical
NEOPS Navy Enlisted/Officer Participation system
NEPLO Navy Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer
NESEP Navy Enlisted Scientific Educaitonal Program
NET NMCI Enterprise Tool
NET Not Earlier Than
NETC Naval Education & Training Command
NETPDTC Naval Education and Training Professional Development and
NETPMSA Naval Education and Training Program Management Support Activity
NETS Naval Education and Training Strategy
NFO Naval Flight Officer
NFOC Naval Flight Officer Candidate
NIA NMCI Information Advisory
NIB NMCI Information Bulletin
NIPRNET Non Classified Internet Protocol Router Network
NJP Nonjudicial Punishment
NJS Naval Justice School
NKO Navy Knowledge Online
NLSO Naval Legal Service Office
NLT Not Later Than
NMCB Naval Mobile Construction Battalion
NMCI Navy Marine Corps Intranet
NMCMPS Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System
NMCRC Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center
NMETL Navy Mission Essential Task List
NMP Navy Manning Plan
NMPS Navy Mobilization Processing Sites
NMR Not Medically Ready
NOA New Obligating Authority
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Same as "USNOAA")
NOBC Naval Officer Billet Classification
NOE Notice of Eligibility
NOK Next of Kin
NOOCS Navy Officer Occupational Classification System
NOTAL Not to All
NOWS Navy Order Writing System
NP Nurse Practitioner
NPC Navy Personnel Command, (detailers and personnel distribution
NPDC Naval Personnel Development Command
NPL Notification Procedures Letter
NPOR Non-Program of Record
NPQ Not Physically Qualified
NPS Naval Postgraduate School
NPS Non Prior Service
NPSAC Nonprior Service Accession Course
NRA Naval Reserve Activity
NRAC Naval Reserve Accession Course
NRAMS Naval Recruiting and Accessions Management System
NRAMS Naval Reserve Advanced Management Seminar
NRC Naval Reserve Center
NRCDS Naval Reserve Career Decision Survey
NRDP Navy Reserve Drill Pay
NRF Naval Reserve Force
NRNC Navy Region North Central
NROTC Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
NROWS Naval Reserve Order Writing System
NRPC Naval Reserve Personnel Center
NRPDC Naval Reserve Professional Development Center
NRQQ Naval Reserve Qualification Questionnaire of Inactive Duty
NRRM Navy's Reserve Readiness Module (part of TRMS)
NRS Navy Region South
NRWS Naval Reserve Web Site
NSA Naval Support Activity
NSCP Navy Sea College Program
NSF Navy Security Force
NSHS Naval School of Health Sciences
NSI Naval Science Institute
NSIPS Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System
NSLI National Services Life Insurance
NSST Navigation, Seamanship, Shiphandling Trainer
NST Normal Shore Tour as Listed in TRANSMAN
NSTC Naval Service Training Command
NTMPS Navy Training Management and Planning System
NTPS Naval Test Pilot School
NTRDM Navy Training Requirements Documentation Manual
NTRR Navy Training Requirements Review
NTS Nontemporary Storage
NTSPs Navy Training Systems Plan
NUPOC Nuclear Power Officer Candidate
NWC Naval War College
NWP Naval Warfare Publication
O & PM Operations and Mantenance, Navy
O&MNR Operations and Maintenance Naval Reserve
OBLISERVE Obligated Service
OCONUS Oustide Continental/Contiguous United States
OCRS Online Compliance Reporting System
OCS Officeer Candidate School
OF Occupation Field
OGE Office of Government Ethics
OHA Overseas Housing Allowance
OIC Officer-in-Charge
OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom
OIPT Overarching Integrated Product Team
OIS Officer Indoctrination School
OJT On-th-Job Training
ONI Office of Naval Intelligence
ONR Office of Naval Research
OPINS Officer Personnel Information System
OPLAN Operational Plan
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OPNAVINST Chief of Naval Operations Instruction
OPPE Operational Propulsion Plant Examination
OPTAR Operating Target
ORD Operational Requirements Documents
ORDMOD Orders (Identified by Date of Message Reference Numbers
ORM Operational Risk Management
OSAM Officer Sea and Air Mariner
OSD Office of Secretary of Defense
OSO Operational Support Officer
OSVET Other Service Veteran
OTH Other Than Honorable
OUTUS/OUTCONUS Outside Continetal United States
OWA Outlook Web Access
OYR One Year Recall
PA Physicians Assistant
PAA Pay Authorization Adjustment
PAO Public Affairs Officer/Office
PARS Personnel Advancement Requirements
PASS Pay/Personnel Administrative Procedures Manual
PBI Pilot Biographical Inventory
PBP&E Professional Books, Papers and Equipment
PCC Professional Corps Competencies
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PD Per Diem Determination
PDF Portable Document Format
PDS Permanent Duty Station
PDT Permanet Duty Travel
PDTATAC Per Diem, Trave and Transporation Allowance committee
PDTC The Chaplain Corps Professional Development Training Course
PDTW The Chaplain Corps Professional Development Training Workshops
PEB Physical Evaluation Board
PEBD Pay Entry Base Date
PEO Program Executive Offices
PERSUPPACT Personnel Support Activity
PERSUPPDET (PSD) Personnel Support Detachment
PFA Physical Fitness Assessment
PFAR Pilot Flight Aptitude Rating
PFM Personal Financial Management
PFR Personal Financial Record
PG Prospective Gain
PGR CREDO Personal Growth Retreat
PHS Public Health Service (Same as USPHS)
PIM Pre-Trained Individual Manpower
PITI Principal, Intrest, Taxes and Insurance
PKE Public Key Enabled
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PL Prospective Loss
PLEAD Place From Which Entered (or Called) to Active Duty
PME Professional Military Education
PMR Partially Medically Ready
PNOK Primary Next of Kin
POA Privately Owned Automobile
POB Projected on Board Count (Specify Number of Months in Future)
POC Point of Contact
POC Privately Owned Conveyance
POD Port of Debarkation
POE Port of Embarkation
POIC Petty Officer-in-Charge
POM Program Objectives Memorandum
POR Program of Record
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
POW Prisoner of War
PPBS Planning Programing and Budgeting System
PPBS Planning, Programming Budgeting System
PPD Purified Protein Derivitive
PPGBL Person Property Government Bill of Lading
PQS Personnel (or Performance) Qualification Standard
PRCP Personnel Readiness Capability Program
PRD Projected Rotation Date
PRIMS Physical Readiness Information Management System
PROBOUT Proceed on or About
PRO-Gear Professional Gear (also referred to as PBP&E)
PROREP Proceed and Report
PRP Personnel Reliability Program
PRR Passenger Reservation Requests
PRT Physical Readiness Test
PS Physical Security
PSD Personnel Support Activity Detachment
PSRC Presidential Selected Reserve Call-up
PTL Prescribed Tour Length
QCCT Quarterly Chaplain Corps Training
QOL Quality of Life
QRG Quick Reference Guide
R & R Rest and Recuperation
RA Risk Assessment
RAD Released form Active Duty
RAM Random Access Memory
RAM Random Antiterrorism Measure(s)
RAMIS Reserve Automated Medical Interim System
RAMP Reserve Allied Medical Program
RAP Relocation Assistance Program
RAS Remote Access Service
RASL Reserve Active Status List
RBSC Reserve Billet Sequence Code
RC Reserve Component
RCA Rate Change Authority
RCS Report Control Symbol
RCSBP Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan
RDD Required Delivery Date
RECON Reconciliation
REDCOM Commander, Naval Reserve Readiness Command
REFLEX Reserve Flexible (Drilling Opportunities)
REGA Rating Entry for General Apprentices
RELACDU Release From Active Duty
REP Report
RESCORE-R Recruiting Selective Conversion Reenlistment-Reserve
RESFMS Reserve Financial Management System
RESFORON Reserve Force Squadron
RFAS Reserve Functional Area and Sex Code
RHS Reserve Headquarters System
RIDE Rating Identification Engine
RIPO Reserve Intelligence Program Officer
RIT Revolution in Training
RLO Reserve Liasion Officer (no longer used, changed to OSO)
RMGIB Reserve Motgomery GI Bill
RMP Readiness Management Periods
RMT Religious Ministries Team
ROB Report on Board
ROC Regional Operations Center
ROC Reserve Officer Candidate
ROE Rules Of Engagement
ROI Return on Investment
ROLC Reserve Officer Leadership Continuum
ROLMS Retail Ordnance Logistics Management System
ROM Read Only Memory
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
RPC Reserve Program Code
RPDCI Retail Price Data Collection Instrument
RPMAT Reserve Personnel Management Assistance Team
RPN Reserve Personnel Navy
RPR Rapid Plasms Reagent
RPT Report
RS Reschedule
RSTARS Reserve Standard Training and Reporting System
RTB Reserve Transition Benefits
RTC Recruit Training Command
RTSS Reserve Training Support System
RUAD Reserve Unit Assignment Document
RUIC Reserve Unit Identification Code
S&L Naval Chaplains Staff and Leadership Course
SA Separation Authority
SAIL Sailor Advocacy through Interactive Leadership
SALTS Streamlined Automated Logistics Transmission Systems
SAM Sea and Air Mariner Program
SAMT Small Arms Marksmanship Trainer
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
SBI Special Background Investigaiton
SBP Survivor Benefit Program
SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information
SCORE Selected Conversion and Reenlistment Program
SCP Sponsor Change Proposals
SDAP Special Duty Assignment Pay
SDCD Sea Duty Commencement Date
SDDC (Military)Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
SDO Split Disbursement Option
SDS Pay and Personnel Source Data System
SDSPROMAN Source Data System Procedures Manual
SDV Seal Delivery Vehicle
SEAL Sea-Air-Land (Team)
SECGRU Security Group
SECNAV Secretary of the Navy
SECNAVFIND Secretary of the Navy Finds
SECNAVINST Secretary of the Navy Instruction
SELRES Selected Reservist
SER Selective Early Retirement
SERVHEL Service Record(s) and Health Record(s)
SERVREC Service Record(s)
SF Standard Form
SGLI Servicemen's Group Life Insurance
SGR CREDO Spiritual Growth Retreat
SHDCD Shore Duty Commencement Date
SIHRS Single Integrated Human Resource System
SIPRNET Secure Internet Protocol Router Network
SIQ Sick In Quarters
SITES Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service
SITW State Income Taxt Withheld
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SLAM Naval Chaplains Strategic Leadership and Ministry Course
SLS Naval Chaplains Strategic Leadership Symposium
SMDR Senior Medical Department Representative
SN Seaman
SNDL Standard Navy Distribution List
SNM Subject Named Member
SNOK Secondary Next of Kin
SOF Status of Funds
SOFA Status of Forces Agreements
SPAWAR Space and Electronic Warfare Command
SPCM Special Court-Martial
SPCMA Special Courts-Martial Convening Authority
SPD Separation Program Designator
SPECWAR Special Warfare
SPP Sponsor Program Proposals
SR & R Special Rest and Recuperative Absence
SRB Selective Reenlistment Bonus
SReF Service Request Electronic-Form
SRM Service Request Management
SROTC Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps
SS Standard Score
SSA Social Security Administration
SSBI Single Scope Background Investigaion
SSN Social Security Number
SSS Selective Service System
STAR Slective Training and Reenlistment
STO Standard Transfer Order
STS Specialized Treatment Services
SWCC Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman
SWO Surface Warfare Officer
TA Threat Assessment
TA Tuition Assistance
TACTRAGRU Tactical Training Group
TAD Temporary Additional Duty
TADMUS Tactical Decision Making Under Stress
TADTAR Temporary Additional Duty Targeted Budget
TAFMS Total Active Federal Miltitary Service
TAMP Transition Assistance Management Program
TAO Technical Arrest Orders
TAP Transition Assistance Program
TAPF Tentative Annual Planning Figure
TAR Training and Administraion of Reserve (no longer used, changed to
TAR Turn Around Ratio
TC Transfer code
TDR Technical Data Responsibility
TDRL Temporary Disability Retired List
TDY Temporary Duty
TECHAD Technical Advisor
TEMAC Temporary Active Duty
TEMADD Temporary Additional Duty
TEMADDINS Temporary Additional Duty Under Instruction
TEMDU Temporary Duty
TEMDUINS Temporary Duty Under Instruction
TEMP Test and Evaluation Management Plan
TEP Training and Administration of the Reserve (TAR) Enlistment Program
TFE Task Force Excell
TFL Temporary Lodging Facility
TFMMS Total Force Manpower Management System
TGBL Through Government Bill of Lading
TIR Time in Rate
TLA Temporary Lodging Allowance
TLE Temporary Lodging Expense
TMC Travel Management Centers
TMS Travel Management System
TNC The Navy Chaplain publication
TNDQ Temporarily Not Dentally Qualified
TNPQ Temporarily Not Physically Qualified
TPR Tricare Prime Remote
TRARAD Training Resource Allocation Display
TRF Transfer
TRMS Tycom Readiness Management System
TRUIC Training Unit Identification Code
TS Tricare Standared
TSC Training Support Centers
TT Trouble Ticket
TTHCI Tricare  Transitional Health Care Insurance
TVL Travel
U.S. United States
U.S.C. United States Code
UA Unauthorized Absence
UAIF User Asset Information Form
UAL Unit Aciton List
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
UCT Underwater Construction Technician
UIC Unit Identification Code
UMUIC Unit Mobilization Unit Identification Code
UN United Nations
UPB Unit Punishment Book
UPLR Unplanned Personnel Loss Reports
URL Unrestricted Line
USC United State Code
USC United States Code
USDB Unites States disciplinary Barracks
USMTF United States Military Treatement Facilities
USNA United States Naval Academy
USNH Unites States Naval Home
USNOAA United States National Oceanic and Atmopsheric Administration
USNR United States Naval Reserve
USPHS Unite States Public Health Service
VA Department of Veterans' Affairs
VA Vulnerability Assessment
VAQ Electronic Attack Squadron
VAW Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron
VEAP Veterans Educational Assistance Program
VF Fighter Squadron
VFA Strike Fighter Squadron
VFC Fighter Squadron Composite
VGLI Veterans' Group Life Insurance
VP Patrol Squadron
VPC Vehicle Procssing Center
VR Fleet Logistics Support Wing and Squadron
VRC Fleet Logistics Support Squadron
VRR Veterans' Reemployment Rights Law
VS Air Antisubmarine Squadron
VSI Voluntary Separation Incentive
VTC Video Teleconference
VTT Video Tele Training
VTU Volunteer Training Unit
WAN Wide Area Network
WMD Weapon(s) of Mass Destruction
WTP CREDO Warrior Transition Program
XO Executive Officer
ZBR Zero Base Review

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