Welcome Future Sailors!
You have just joined the Navy's Delayed Entry Program, (or ready to join) so
 "CONGRATULATIONS" on such a big decision!  ~NC1 Martin

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For those who haven't followed this site the past 12years,
Shipmates of the Month was formally called "1Navy's Spotlight Sailors."
I recognized some of the very hard working Sailors who don't always
get recognition! It's always a pleasure to feature Sailors who give so much
to their Shipmates, their Families and to their Community!
This is their opportunity to get recognized throughout the Nation on NavyGirl.org!

Do you have someone you would like recognized?
Fill out the form below with their name & email address &
a few sentences of why this individual should be recognized!
All Shipmates will be recognized anonymously, so if you are out there
working hard and would like to be featured, send me your name &
email and a questionnaire will be sent to you! Go ahead.. Nominate yourself!

Is  your Recruiter going over and beyond to help mentor and guide you?
Nominate your Recruiter!!


Check out the brand new Navy Commercial here!
This was aired on December 13th during the Army Navy Game.
Congrats Navy for winning the 13th year in a row!

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These are a must have!

Put your General Orders and miscellaneous Navy memorization on your iPod or .mp3 player and start your workout right!
All voice-overs done by NC1 Martin!

Jig Saw Puzzles created
and spoken by NC1 Martin!
Now you can hear the general
order while putting the puzzle together!

1st General Order     2nd General Order  
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7th General Order    8th General Order   
9th General Order   10th General Order
11th General Order

 Sailor's Creed puzzle
 Phonetic Alphabet sheet  

These are silly but it has helped me
learn and not forget!

   "The Navy Girl"  
Recruiting Navy Women  

Recruiting Future Sailors

Jan 1, 2015 Military Pay Table

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