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Where I'm currently volunteering:
2nd Harvest Food Bank
Ozanam Inn Soup Kitchen - FB post
Jefferson Parish Alliance of Concerned Citizens-Suicide Prevention Committee

The Navy Reserve celebrates all year long!!  100th Birthday- March 3, 2015
Check out the Spotlight Sailors across the Nation. http://navyreservecentennial.com/spotlight-sailors/
See My Story Posted on NavyOutreach.org!

Jan 2015-November 2015- NRD FCPOA President. Check out our Newsletters I created!  Facebook Page   Newsletter: FEB15AR15APR15MAY15JUN15

JAN 2015 - Just elected FCPOA President for NRD New Orleans!
Ready to take this Association to the next level! :-)

Dec 2014:  12/11/14 - I met the First Female 4 star Admiral of the US Navy!
Dec 2014 --Just posted photos from our Annual Training and Awards Symposium
Dec 2014 --Just been introduced to a website.. Jobs for Vets and their families! 
Check it out!

Nov 2014 --I have teamed up with the Marines in Belle Chasse, LA & I'm volunteering with Toys for Tots! Check out our Belle Chasse, LA events! I'll be there!Nov 2014 Just got elected Public Affairs Officer for our base's 1st Class Association! GNO FCPOA!  
October 30, 2014 was my 13th year in the US Navy!
Sep 2014 --New Orleans Navy Ball Photos!
Sep 2014 --YouTube videos for those trying to understand Grievers: GRIEF TOOLBOX
Sep Dec 2014 --Free PMK Study Guides in the New Orleans area! Email me for one!
Sept-Nov 2014 --My Newest Volunteer Opportunity: Homeless Veterans Outreach New Orleans

I am officially a member of the Naval Order of the United States and I'm inviting eligible Sailors to join! Please Check out navalorder.org for more information! Please send me a message when you're ready to join and I will personally nominate you for membership.

  Petty Officer Second Class Leadership photo! 

ENRO Class 05-080
Graduated 2/11/06


I am a Navy Counselor, 1st Class Petty Officer...

My current job is: Assistant Command Trainer at Navy Recruiting District New Orleans, LA. Check out my new work site!

I started Recruiting as a Reserve Recruiter in 2004. Worked my way up to QA Supervisor,  Classifier at MEPS New Orleans for 4 years and now Assistant Command Trainer. I work for Power House New Orleans!!

ribbon_21n.gif (1184 bytes) OCTOBER 30, 2004 marked my 3rd year Navy Anniversary!
Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal!

February 2008 marks 6 years this website has been online!!


My Most Notable Accomplishments! My Brag sheet found here...

p.119 Full page USNR ad in May 2004 Ebony Magazine!

p. 61 Full page USNR ad in June 2004 Ebony Magazine!
p. 25 Full page USNR ad in November 2004 Ebony Magazine!

My motivation comes from my own personal experience through life, not always having it so easy. I am committed to helping people take full advantage of what the Navy offers as I scour the internet to provide the best links and information that will better prepare those entering the Naval Reserve or the Navy.

One of my most important characteristics in life is Commitment. I strive every day to be that committed wife, mom, daughter and of course a Committed Sailor.

Thank you for visiting!  NC1 Marta T. Martin  

View all the photos of Reservist featured from the
2003-2004 Advertising Campaign!

This was my New York Minute... 2004

I am always looking to find my birth mother or any of the children who were flown out around the time I came to America in 1974 from Vietnam. Here is a page I started with information concerning my adoption. Vietnam.

My Children are my life. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have the motivation and drive that I have today. Being a single parent in the military is a tough job, but with their love and support I wouldn't have it any other way! As you can see from the picture, my kids are into computers as much as their mom! They each have their own computer set up in my home office. When I'm on the computer working, you will most likely find them right behind my desk here!


The Best Goals in Life are the ones that you can make possible with hard work, determination and a dedicated heart. I set my goals high so I stay motivated and encouraged! Stay tuned while I make these goals a Reality! YN2 Marta Martin

# 1 GOAL- Keeping others informed through NAVYGIRL.COM/1Navy.com
Providing information on this website that will further people's lives in the Military! Encourage NON-Prior Service applicants in making the best decision for their lives by being a Mentor to them! I want to continue to add information to my site that will virtually have the entire Navy coming back for more!

#2 GOAL - Make the Cover of a Magazine!
Cover story on "All Hands" Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, Readers Digest, People's magazine, etc... This is one of my biggest Goals in life and I hope to accomplish it in the near future! Might I add.... That being in Ebony magazine two months in a row has helped to keep my goals a reality. In May I was on page 119 and in June p. 61... I'm getting closer to the cover!!!

2008.. this is still my goal!!

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